I firmly believe that making more money and increasing your net worth is something you have 100% control over. You have to stop blaming the circumstances around you and begin to recognize that you always had and still have the power to control your financial destiny. If you take little baby steps every single day to getting closer and closer to your financial goals, you will get there!

There are so many things within your own power that you can do to improve your financial health. There are so many little baby steps you could take to improve your personal finances. You need to take action if you want to be successful in this area of your life. Consistent action is key.

One of the first things I would recommend is that you research ways to increase your income and grow your net worth. Use google search or go to the library and read whatever you can find about this. This is the first and most important step you need to take to make it big financially. Once you find some good ideas on how to improve your finances, start taking little steps on the new things you have learned. For example, you might have discovered through a google search a new way to add a second income stream to your life... What you have to do is act on this new knowledge and try whatever you have found. Give it a chance. See if you like it. Take action!

Once you begin taking action on these new things you will learn about, it's important to stop regularly and look at the results you are producing... Is your return on investment worth it? In other words, the time, energy, and/or money you have invested: what kind of return are you getting? Is this new income stream worth pursuing further? If so, great! Keep working on it. Grow it and automate it until it doesn't require much of your time and energy anymore and until it is generating you a healthy second stream of income. Once you have reached that goal, it's time to either take things to a new level by expanding your business(your income stream) or maybe it's time to start working on a new third income stream!

If, on the other hand, this income stream idea is not working out for you, maybe it's time to move on and try something else? I remember Steve Pavlina emphasizing that it's so important to just take action on ideas you come across. Maybe you just learned about affiliate marketing and want to give it a shot? Go for it! Take action and make it happen. It may or may not work out for you. But what's really important here is that you keep moving forward regardless of the results you are producing. If you're getting good results, keep at it... if not, move on to your next project. I feel really sad when I see aspiring entrepreneurs abandon all their projects just because 1 project fails. You have to realize that everyone fails in business at least once and actually usually its a lot more than just 1 failure or 1 time.

At the end of the day, it's all about picking yourself back up and trying something new.

Maybe you went to the bookstore and looked in the business and finances section and noticed a new book talking about ways to generate a second income. For example, I found out about a book called Six Figure Second Income a while back so I took action! I bought the book! I read the whole thing and kept taking action on what I was learning.

Alternatively, you might have learned about the potential in writing for revenue-sharing websites like Infobarrel and it peaked your interest. If this is the case, you need to honor your curiosity and take action on your new interest. Try it and see if it works for you! It might not but what if it does? Wouldn't it be amazing to have an additional couple of hundred or thousand dollars a month? I know I sure would love that.

There are so many ways to create additional income streams in your life. I read an interesting book about this actually called Multiple Streams of Income by Robert G. Allen. I highly recommend you read it. You can find it for free if you do a google search for it. It's worth your time.

Here are some of the ways I am planning on increasing my income and growing my net worth that I got from Multiple Streams Of Income. First, I'm going to start investing about 100$/month in an S&P 500 index fund for the rest of my life. This will take time and commitment, but it will grow into a nice little fortune. Next, I'm going to start to invest in mutual funds too every month. A little bit on a consistent basis goes a long way. Finally, I want to look into options to see if I could make some extra money.

Additionally, other income streams I'm taking action on that might interest you too are:

1. writing for Infobarrel(it's a revenue sharing site that share advertising money with you)

2. taking pictures for iStockPhoto(it's a website where you can sell your photographs for passive income)

3. Signing up as a SBI affiliate(I believe I could build a little mini stream of income through affiliate marketing)

4. youtube marketing(this one is a little sneaky and I don't want to reveal my specific strategy but it could be quite profitable if done right. I'd have to make sure it doesn't break any of youtube's rules first though)

5. and much more...

You see, these are just a couple of the great ideas I've come across for building additional revenue streams. There is an abundance of opportunities to make more money and grow you net worth out there, just look for them and take action on what you learn!