Smuggling Alcohol on a Cruise

When you try taking alcohol on a cruise you need to be careful and a little crafty to successfully accomplish this. Most people are trying to cut costs on cruise vacations nowadays and this is the perfect way to do it, since alcoholic drinks on a cruise are one of the priciest expenditures. Here are a few tips on how to do this properly.

Cruise Ships Liquor Policy

Cruise ships do not want you bringing alcohol on board and they say that they check every bag coming on the ship to scare you, but this is impossible to do with the amount of people getting on the ship. If for some reason your bag is randomly checked, they will take the liquor but luckily you have packed the flasks in all of your bags so you will still have access to your booze. Also don’t worry if some liquor is taken from your bag. All that they will do is enclose a letter informing you of their policy of not brining on any alcohol.

Rum Runner Cruise Kit

The best way of taking alcohol on a cruise is with the Rum Runner Cruise KitRum Runners Cruise Kit. The kit has multiple different sizes and can hold enough liquor to last your whole trip. Not to mention it is extremely affordable. The Rum Runner Cruise Kit comes with four 32 oz size flasks, two 16 oz flasks, and two 8 oz flasks. The flasks are heavy-duty clear plastic bags that will conform to any area you store them in. It also comes with a funnel so that you won’t miss a drop of liquor.

The Rum Runner Cruise Kit is to be used in your checked luggage only. When you are packing, fill the flasks up and store them in different areas of all of your bags. This way when your luggage gets delivered to your cabin later in the day they will be safe and sound waiting for you to open them.

Shampoo Bottles

Shampoo bottles are another way of taking alcohol on a cruise. Make sureShampoo Bottles you wash out the bottles thoroughly before hand, as you wouldn’t want to be drinking anything that could be harmful to you. The only down side to using the bottles is that to bring a sufficient amount of liquor you would need to bring a lot of bottles and they are bulky, sometimes taking up too much space.

Buying Mixers

You will most likely need mixers for your drinks. The easiest way for this is to Orange Juice(96002)purchase them from the ship. The cruise line will most likely have a drink card or program that you can be part of. I highly suggest this or else you might be paying even more just for some OJ. These programs will be the best to be part of so that you don’t have to bring a whole other luggage bag filled with mixers.


These two ways above are the safest and best way of taking alcohol on a cruise. Just make sure to diversify your bags with alcohol and make sure the caps the flasks or shampoo bottles are on tight before heading out on your cruise vacation. You can also check out cruise reviews if you are trying to decide on what cruise line to take.