The death of the famous Pop legion Michael Jackson has been news for days. Fans find themselves mourning, the music industry has once again seen a huge surge in his music sales and even today people are still talking about the siutation.

It makes sense that people want to celebrate this talented man's life. It makes even more sense to look over his life, as a whole, as see how we can take away lessons. These lessons are good and bad and bring us closer to not only the man but also the best way we can live.

Things You Will Need

Memory of Michael Jackson

Step 1

BE PASSIONATE ABOUT WHAT YOU DO. In every way, the music Michael Jackson put out was the best he could do and his enthusiasm was brought out by the passion he had for music. In our day to day lives we may wonder if we are just doing a job or living a passion. Hopefully you will find living a passion to be a full time job.

Step 2

IT'S IMPORTANT TO HELP OTHERS. Known for his causes, Michael Jackson always thought of the world and others. He gave money, time and even exposure for all sorts of nonprofit causes. The more he helped the better his world was.

Step 3

DON'T EXPECT OTHERS TO UNDERSTAND YOU. The fans loved his music, but even today most people will tell you they didn't understand him. What does this mean? He was talented and respected in music and didn't care about what others whispered. Take this lesson to the bank as we all sometimes get caught up in whispers.

Step 4

DONT FORGET TO BE CHILDLIKE. The world can be a bitter place and as an adult we can find ourselves swimming in seriousness. Take time to have a little fun, relax and soak up some sun. Whether you play golf or ride at Neverland, there needs to be plenty of time to be a kid.
If you find yourself sad over the death of Michael Jackson, take a minute to remember what a huge mark he left on the world. This is something every person should strive for to make it a better place.

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