How to bring your betta home

 This is a very important step, and the beginning for a healthy betta. Before you buy your betta it is very important that you have the right accessories as well as cleaning utensils. Before you put your betta fish in a tank you first have to take some water, and let it adjust to room temperature. You cannot just put water out of the sink or this will significantly affect your fish. Once the water is room temperature which will take up to 24 hours you can pour the water in the tank. Wait at least 2 minutes after you put the water in the tank then release your betta fish.



Taking Care Of Your Betta

 To take care of your betta you must take note of some things. There cannot be two bettas in one tank the two will fight until only one is left that's why its better to keep one or two in different tanks or divided tanks. Bettas can also be aggressive and don't fare well with other fish so its better to keep your betta isolated. Bettas like privacy so don't keep your tank empty or dull try to add some rocks, and trees. Also you should clean out your bettas tank at least once a week if not possible once in two weeks, but don't take longer it can affect the bettas life. Be carefull to choose good fish food for your betta but, most regular betta fish are good. Try to keep bettas at regular light too much darkness can also lead to blinding your betta.

How To Clean Your Betta Tank

 Cleaning your betta tank may seem difficult at first but, once you understand it will get easy. Make sure you have some room temperature water ready before you do this. First you should take an extra cup or something to put your betta in, and put your betta out of your tank and into the extra cup just dump some of the small tank until the betta gets in the cup. Once your finished removing your fish pour some regular water into the tank, and empty it again do this , at least 5 times all the waste will be gone. When you are finished pour the room temperature water, and pour your other cup with your fish into the new cleaned tank.

Betta In A Clean Tank