For those of us who love to beauty and fragrance of fresh cut floral bouquet around the home or workplace, it's a sad truth that the moment a flower cut, he was already dead.

Good quality bouquet or arrangement must be able to keep a fresh look, at least seven days. Few things can shorten or prolong his life but a vase. Perhaps the most important factor to buy cut flowers is to choose a reliable and trusted source.

Many of our flowers are cut in the fields or greenhouses, and then transported over long distances - in some cases around the world - before they reach the consumer. In addition, it may have been bought and sold several times along the path. Farm in South America may sell some flowers to the distributor or collective, which in turn sells them to the broker. Broker and then sells them to a wholesaler, who sells them at the florist who sells them to you. All this after the flowers have been cut.

Hopefully, this will be done quickly and efficiently, and flowers will remain in the purified water in a clean bucket and at the proper temperature, cool it all the time. Often, however, the process can take several days, and cut flowers are sometimes transferred from the field in dirty buckets of water, or exposed to hot temperatures while sitting on the tarmac airport resulting in reduced vase life.

Dear manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers will ensure that colors are properly handled at every step, and move quickly through the supply chain. Following are the some tips which will help you in taking care of fresh cut flowers.

Keep cut flowers from the fruit. Fruit releases ethylene gas that causes flowers to age faster.

You should spray the flowers with a soft mist of water daily and remove any dying flowers and dried leaves. Flower food contains a biocide that helps inhibit bacterial growth. Food is available at local florists and nurseries. If you do not have a package of plant foods, add a little sugar in the water.

Take care of flowers every day. Remove faded flowers. Rotting leaves and flowers can make water toxic to the flowers. Change the water every 2 days. Make sure you add the preservative each time you change the water. You can also re-cut the stem for better water absorption. Below room temperature, the more flowers will last. It is important to know that the flowers at a temperature below four degrees will decrease faster.