There are many uncomfortable feelings in the world. One of which is waking up to lower back pain. Lower back pain is one of the worst ways to wake up. There are a few ways to take care of your back pain. Most of these you can do yourself.

Things You Will Need

1.) A good pillow 2.) A glass of water 3.) Time to stretch

Step 1

One main cause of lower back pain is that your pillow may be to big. When you go to sleep, resting your head at a high angle puts the rest of your back in a bad position. This causes stress on your lower back, and will cause tension in your back muscles. By having a smaller, or sometimes softer pillow, your back will be more aligned. The straighter your back while you sleep, the better it is for your muscles. To make sure your muscles are relaxed and your spine is good, try some stretches before you go to sleep.

Step 2

Doing regular stretches before sleep will not only relax your muscles by relieving tension, but the stretches will also help your spine. While stretching you may hear some cracks from your spine. This is a sign that your spine is re-aligning. Be sure to consult a professional as to what stretches to do. Some stretches are better than others, but they are a great natural way to keep your body healthy.

Step 3

Dehydration plays a surprising role in back pain. When muscles get dehydrated they tend to bunch up and often create knots. By coupling stretching with a few glasses of water, those muscles should stay relaxed. The stretches themselves may even get out a few knots while the water will prevent the knots from reforming. If you have extreme back pain be sure to consult a professional chiropractor.

Step 4

If your injury is only temporary, such as pulling a muscle during a sporting event. Seek out medical attention. Doctors will often prescribe an anti-inflammatory medication. This will take the inflammation down. To prevent such back injuries maintain a regular stretching regiment with a healthy diet. Strong muscles require the right nutrition. A high protein diet will help repair any muscles you may have hurt. The key to curing back pain is staying healthy and having healthy habits. Stretching and drinking a lot of water can go a long way in taking care of your body. It is surprising how having the right pillow can also help. Before you go to sleep, try to stretch a little bit.

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