Wedding rings are objects often considered precious by families, whether it's a new ring worn by a joyful bride or an heirloom handed down through the generations. With the considerable meaning and sense of tradition these classic pieces of fine jewelry convey, taking proper care of wedding rings is an important process for preserving memories and protecting an investment. There are many ways that rings can be cared for both at home and in the skilled hands of a professional jeweler, and employing a combination of these techniques is likely to yield the best results. Remembering to treat wedding jewelry right can be a bit difficult, but those who treat their rings with reverence and respect will find that the effort is rewarding for wearers and future heirloom owners alike.

Choosing rings that are composed of strong and sturdy precious metals can go a long way towards preventing unnecessary damage and blemishes, but there are certain activities for which rings should be removed regardless of their constituent metals. It can be somewhat daunting to remove a wedding ring, but when working with various power tools, exposing hands to harsh cleaning or construction materials, or otherwise using potentially damaging products, a quick removal and replacement is a good way to avoid unwanted dings, scratches, and wear. Performing an occasional polish at home is also a good way to preserve the luminosity of wedding rings and prevent chemical buildup.

Sometimes, a professional cleaning is in order, especially for rings with complex stone settings, filigree, or other hard-to-reach features. Professional jewelers may offer complementary cleaning services to those who purchase their rings, though a thorough and long-lasting job can often be bought without causing much budgetary concern. Allowing gem setters and ring polishers to repair any weak or broken ring components, adjust settings, and make any desired alterations will result in a more appealing ring that both looks better and stands the test of time.

Treating wedding rings right is a responsibility shared among all newlyweds and long-term wedding band owners, and those who take special measures to protect and restore their rings at home and with the help of professionals are sure to be pleased with the performance of their fine jewelry. From the simplest to the most extravagant of rings, a bit of special attention can make all the difference for a lasting, lovely piece.