The cold winter weather can be harsh on your finger nails.  There are things to do so you can properly care for your nails even during the cold weather.



Certain lotions and moisturizers are harmful for your body.  Using a natural moisturizer is important to keep your nails from cracking and splitting during the harsh winter.  Olive oil works great.  Rub a little on your finger nails when you are cooking.  This can help tremendously.


Use a Strengthening Coat

Use a strengthening clear coat of nail polish whether you have nail polish on or when you don’t.  It may be a good idea not to use nail polish for a while as certain nail polish have a tendency of causing your nails to become brittle.


Don’t Buy Cheap

Sally Hansen makes excellent nail polish.  Don’t buy the cheap nail polish you can get at the dollar store because it is cheap for a reason.  It will cause your nails to peel and break and will not help your nails at all.


File Your Nails

Keep your nails filed as best as possible.  If you notice you nails starting to split file them down.  Sometimes cutting them can be too harsh for your nails and a file can fix your nail problem in no time.


Don’t Bite Your Nails

Not only is it bad for your teeth, but it’s damaging to your nails as well.  People who bite their nails usually have unsightly nails and they always look as though they need a good manicure.


Don’t Get Fake Nails

If you are trying to get your nails healthy and strong again avoid using fake nails.  The acrylic nails require nail glue and will cause your nails to be very brittle.  Although they may look nice for a while, your real nails are he ones that require the most work and should be treated as such.


Your Toe Nails Require Care Too

All this talk about finger nails, but your toe nails also require a good amount of care.  Many people suffer from ingrown toe nails in the winter because they pick the wrong style of shoe.  In the summer many people use an open style shoe where the toes are out in the open.  Tennis shoes and dress shoes are shoes that are prone to cause you to have an ingrown toe nail.  Pick a shoe that is wide enough and doesn’t put any pressure on your toes, especially your big toe.


Avoid Nail Polish Remover as Often as You Can

Nail polish remover is actually harmful to your nails as they cause them to wear thin.  There are certain removers that are better, like the ones that are labeled strengthening nail polish remover.  These are the ones that are recommended that you use on your nails.  Other removers could be harmful.  If it is possible for you to wait until your last nail polish wears off, that is even better than using nail polish remover to take your polish off.

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