Due to various hormonal changes that happen during pregnancy, skin care for pregnant women is especially difficult. There are the inevitable stretch marks and dryness in certain areas.

An also, acne and blemishes can be a problem. Here are a few good products other than comfortable maternity pants that were made to help pregnant women's skin especially.

Basq Skin Care: Stretch Mark Cream
Basq Skin Care's stretch mark cream contains Darutoside and Algisium C, both of which are clinically proven to strengthen skin and improve resilience. The Shea and Jojoba butters in the cream give it a rich, creamy texture that feels amazing on your skin. The product also contains various oils that help absorb the nutrients deeply into the dermis for best results. All of Basq Skin Care's products are tested for allergy and irritancy.

Mambino Organics: Scar Repair
Pregnancy scars, be they from stretch marks or cesarean sections, are one of the most difficult things to recover from. This product contains essential vitamins and other ingredients like Rosehip and helichrysum that help smooth skin and help with scar fading.

Mambino Belly Butter
Mambino Belly Butter contains a rich blend of nutrients and organic botanicals that regenerate your skin's elasticity and hydration. It also helps with the itchiness and dryness that often occurs. The various butters help moisturize your skin and the calendula infused oils helps repair torn tissue. This a good product to use after childbirth to speed up and increase the quality of your post-partum recovery period.

Mario Badescu: Block Cream
This cream was made to help with the problem of melasma, or, as it's also known, the "pregnancy mask". This is when skin pigmentation around the eyes and in the cheek and lower lip areas goes darker. Pregnant women with fair skin are especially susceptible to discoloration caused by sun exposure. Badescu's Block Cream is a daily-use moisturizer that provides sun protection for delicate skin and helps prevent melasma in pregnant women.

Beaute De Maman: Face and Body Cream
Acne and skin blemishes sometimes affect pregnant women more due to the rapid hormonal changes their bodies are going through. Beaute De Maman's Face and Body Cream has special antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory ingredients that help women fight acne and other cosmetic skin problems during pregnancy.