Preparation Makes Traveling with Pets Easier

Taking cats on vacation with you can be an interesting adventure if your feline isn’t accustomed to traveling.  If you are planning on taking your cat on a long trip it is best to plan ahead to make the travel and vacation go more smoothly.

If you have never traveled with your cat before it is a good idea to get him or her used to the process by starting out on short trips.  Just driving around town or country roads for a while can be very beneficial.  Take your cat to the park or bring her favorite snacks along and offer them during or toward the end of the drives.  Doing this can help relieve anxiety that cats and other pets experience when they aren’t used to traveling in a vehicle. 

If it will be necessary to use a cat cage or crate during travel, you want to make sure that your kitty is comfortable with being in one before you vacation.  This are available through many online pet stores.  If he or she has never been in a cat crate before you can start by placing her in it for short periods of time at home.  To make the kennel more comfortable, just place a familiar blanket or toys inside.  This, also, works for making the car or truck a more familiar place.  After your cat is familiar with riding in a vehicle and being in a crate just combine the crate with riding in the car if needed.  This step shouldn’t take long at all.

Taking Cats on Vacation

If your vacation will require a flight you will be needing an airline approved pet carrier so that your cat will be allowed to go with you.  Airlines take good care of pets when they are flying.  The initial take off and final landing might be a little nerve racking for your cat but rest assured that when it is over with you will both appreciate being with each other instead of hundreds or thousands of miles apart.  The anxiety will be short lived and there won’t be any lingering effects from traveling by air.

Just remember that when taking cats on vacation that making sure your pet is prepared for the trip ahead of time will go a long way toward the enjoyment of everyone involved.