Are you in control of your life or do you view yourself as a victim?

There are many things in this world that we have no control over like the weather, stock market, or random acts by other people.  We do however, have 100% control on how we deal with the things we cannot control and the actions and choices we make in life.  In fact, it is the choices we make in life that directly dictates our Quality of Life.

When I think of things that would represent a great quality of life it would include things things like a loving romantic relationship, vacations to beautiful locations, a beautiful home, healthy happy children, long vacations, a family that loves each other and enjoys spending time together, nice cars, good food and wine, the list could go on and on.  All of the great things listed above are EFFECTS of the choices that we make in life not the cause.

The CAUSE of your quality of life is the choices that we make in the 12 categories of our lives; love relationship, career, character, emotional life, financial, health, intellect, parenting, social life, quality of life, spiritual life, and life vision.

To clarify this a little more, we are able to take great vacations and buy nice things when we have the financial abundance.  In order to achieve financial abundance you would have had to make a choice as to what you want to do to create value for others which would create wealth for yourself.  It is your choice how much you study, who you do business with, what you use as resources, and how you interact with the people you do business with.  The financial abundance is an effect of these choices.

 The same goes with your health.  You are in 100% control of how you move your body and what you put into your mouth.  Research shows that 80% of our body composition is comprised of our diet, 10% from exercise, 5% from genetics, and 5% from other lifestyle factors (sleep, stress, etc.).  If we are not happy with our current health situation then it is up to us to make the lifestyle choices to make the change.  Do we schedule time to go to the gym and be active or do we sit on the couch and wait till tomorrow?  Do we eat treats when no one is looking and think that our body will not suffer the consequences?

It can be difficult to make choices when we are basing our decisions and choices off a pain pleasure driven life rather than a purpose driven life.  Spending time to deliberate just how we want all of the 12 categories to look in our lives and get a crystal clear vision on how we want our lives to be will make the choices that we make on a daily basis so much easier because we are seeing the bigger picture and the reward of the end result as a bigger prize than the immediate gratification or pain avoidance.

Going to the gym may not sound like a lot of fun at the time but with the vision of fitting into a slimmer pair of pants or looking good in a bathing suit is worth the short term discomfort of the gym. 

Once we get the clear vision on how we want our lives to be the next step is to implement the steps that will achieve the best results.  This is where the Life By Design come to the forefront for health and wellness.  Based on the four foundational requirements that our bodies need in order to be healthy; a proper brain body connection, Eat By Design, Think By Design, and Move By Design.  Based and science and logic rather than conventional wisdom, the Life By Design steps are the WHAT to do when you have figured out WHY you want to do it.

Take Control of Your Life