Taking Delivery of an RV

Taking delivery of your new Recreational RV motor home or Travel Trailer

The dealership will most likely have a mechanical and content check list for you when you go through the vehicle before you take delivery.  But I would like to suggest that you make a complete list for yourself.  Especially include the special options that you added in the purchase price.  Take special note of the detailed workmanship throughout the RV.  Does everything fit and or match?  When you go through the whole vehicle, open and close everything that opens and closes.  Adjust everything that is adjustable. Operate everything and test everything inside and out of the vehicle. Check the satellite system and make sure you understand how it sets up.  Keep a running list of anything that needs to be changed or fixed, before you take delivery.

Expect the unexpected in that first walk through.  Get answers to all of your questions. If the dealership says, “oh I will have to check on that,” don’t settle on that as your answer. Be sure to approach this process as if it is your last chance to fix any problems that you might find, and get them solved before you put your signature to any acceptance of delivery.

Give yourself lots of time to be able to take delivery. For instance, if you have your first holiday scheduled in the new vehicle for a specific date, allow yourself at least a week prior to start your pre- delivery walk through.  This way you will have time to have any problems solved before the big holiday that you have planned.

Be sure to get all documentation and manuals for your vehicle. This is very important. The dealer should have all of this information for you. It never hurts to ask the dealership if you can see the manuals before-hand so that you can get familiar with the vehicle before you do your personal inspection. You might have a great list of questions when you come back to the dealership.

As you go through the vehicle, make a list of everything that does not meet your satisfaction. Also, list any questions that you might need to get answered later.  Present it to your sales person and get the answers that you deserve. Remember that this is your chance, to get the answers to everything you do not understand about your new vehicle. You do not want to be on the road the first time and have any disappointing interruptions. The worst thing you can do is assume that because the vehicle is brand new that everything works, and that there are no problems with your new home away from home.

Don’t be afraid to ask the dealership will allow you take the new RV for a test drive. This way you will get a sample of how the vehicle will handle on the highway. See if it is to your satisfaction. Explore the braking system and see if it has enough power for your liking.  Remember that safety comes first for you and your family. 

Enjoy your delivery day.   Welcome to the RV world and happy motoring.