What Failure?             

Rather than just talk about positive thinking, let’s see how to deal with failures in life. What is meant here is whether it is the little failures that you may experience on a day-to-day basis or the seemingly big ones that you come across from time to time, failures are always trying to tell you something and it is this “something” that you need to open your eyes to. Here, it is useful to think in terms of what the failure to get, achieve or do something tells you instead of agonizing over why you failed. This will surely get you somewhere and make you a better person, will it not?

Think You Are Smart If You Get It Right The First Time?

If you did something and immediately saw the results you were looking for, what would you learn? Nothing new, really, except that you had actually done what was necessary to see those results, maybe with a bit of luck too. But this isn’t the order of the day, by any means. Everyone knows that the slightest attempt at something significant presents hurdles of all sorts.  And if you did see those results right away, then consider that you actually had it figured out already and the success simply didn’t happen overnight, though it may seem so.

Analyse Your Failure

Analysing our failures is something all of us can do and make a habit of whenever something backfires and slams us in the face, so to speak.  Just to apply a comparative analogy, in the world of product development and manufacturing, if the product did not work or perform according to specifications there is the process of failure analysis.This is not a simplistic fact-finding matter but an exhaustive process of technically sound, deterministic root-causing analysis. So, instead of the manufacturers worrying why the market didn’t buy what they were selling, there is a serious look taken at the product defects. Now take that to our own failures when we attempt something. Why don’t we analyse our failures and take it inside out rather than think the world had something bad to do with it?  Though this may sound altruistic, it is not. Rather, it is how we should take charge of our thoughts and be accountable for ourselves. Now, if that was not positive thinking …

So What Does Failure Tell You

 Whether it is in your profession, business, relationships, health, wealth, education or just daily living, looking at your failure messages puts you in the right frame of mind for action. Let’s get down to it. Failure tells you any one(or more) of the following things, i.e. that :

  • There has not been enough done and there is still more to do
  • The thing you attempted is not right for you
  • What you wanted conflicts with others’ rights
  • Someone else was more skilled and did a better job
  • You did not apply the principles of succeeding in that endeavour diligently enough
  • You did not follow through on the requirements
  • You need a greater sense of appreciation or gratitude
  • You are too emotional, practise your EQ
  • There was lack of preparation
  • There was lack of skills and experience
  • You just give up too easily
  • You directly violated or hurt someone in trying to obtain what you wanted
  • There were critical omissions
  • Performance has been dropping over a period of time and you didn’t realize
  • What you think is good for you may actually be bad for you and vice versa
  • You didn’t understand or accept delayed gratification
  • You don’t have enough contacts or networking
  • The timing wasn’t right
  • Don’t want to invest? Maybe it’s immobilizing you
  • Give more than you take, it may reduce the resistance

This is by no means an exhaustive list, only to jog your memory. You have got to get down to the bottom of it on your own but it starts with the understanding that the source and the cause has more to do with you than anyone else in particular. This then, is taking failure inside out.

Here’s To Your Success

Need we say more?  If you habitually take your failures from inside out, even if you are not able to set things right immediately, you will certainly set the right train of thoughts in motion along the proper direction. The results will come, sooner or later. Now, that’s enlightenment.