There are many herbs for natural remedies.  Garlic, lavender, agrimony and ginger are just a few natural herbs that will help cure problems that you may have quickly.  Be sure to find out what herbs are the best for you to take.  While one herb may work for many people, you may require a different herb to get the results you are looking for.


Years ago, garlic was known for getting rid of evil spirits and to charm spells.  After much research, it has been proven that garlic can help naturally cure a few different things.  Garlic can quickly heal burns and deep cuts.  Simply slice the garlic into small slices and smash.  Rub onto the affected area and it will cure very quickly.  You can also cut up fresh garlic cloves and cook them into your meals or eat them raw.  This will cure headaches, acne and will lower the risk of heart attack.  It can also greatly lower blood pressure and cholesterol.  Always keeping garlic in your house is a very good idea.


Lavender is another herb that is used for natural remedies.  Lavender oil or spray is helpful to relax tense muscles and to cure headaches.  The scent of sweet lavender will put your mind at ease.  Many people spray the lavender on their pillow before they go to sleep.  As they inhale the wonderful lavender scent, it will help them go to sleep quickly and get a good night of rest.  This works wonders on a night before a big exam or the night before a big interview.


Agrimony, otherwise known as huckleberry can help you get over a cold or the flu very quickly.  Drop a teaspoon of agrimony root and place it in a pot of boiling water.  Allow this mixture to boil for about 15 minutes.  You can pour a little bit of honey in your cup and drink a cup everyday.  Not only is honey great for you, but it also gives the agrimony cup a better flavor.


Ginger is a wonderful herb that can help your nausea go away.  As a young child, your parents probably gave you a cup of ginger ale to help your upset stomach feel better.  Ginger works just the same for adults as it did for you when you were younger.  If you get sea sick or car sick, ginger will prevent your nausea from getting terrible.  Be sure to take the ginger about a half hour before you plan to travel.  If you prefer taking ginger capsules instead of liquid ginger, you will end up with the same results.  Some people prefer taking capsules because they do not care for the taste of ginger.


Garlic, lavender, agrimony and ginger are four great herbs to take if you want to cure anything naturally.  Between upset stomachs, burns and tense muscles, you will be feeling great after taking these herbs.  Stop in at your local nutrition store to get the natural herbs that you and your body need.