Discrimination may be considered one of the most serious issues in the workplace today. This is because it covers a lot of things: from age to gender, and from race to religion. A wrong act which causes discrimination most of the time is stereotyping. Many people judge other people with the way they dress, look, talk, and even spend time. In the same way, employers hire, terminate, promote, demote, and modify an employee's salary because of certain views toward that particular employee – which should not allowed by the Law.

People who get discriminated against are often isolated, and they lose confidence and self-esteem, which are essential traits in a company. If you have suffered the same tragic experiences, here are some actions you can take:

· Talk with the person – Tell the person to stop treating you wrongfully.

· Submit a complaint letter to your boss – If the initial step did not work, let your employer settle the dispute for you.

· Seek legal assistance – If your boss did not do anything about the situation, or if he was the one who discriminated against you in the first place, contact a reliable employment law attorney and consult with him.

· File an employment dispute case in court – Remember to get enough proof before you submit the complaint.

· Demand compensation for your damages – The compensation you should request includes legal fees and lost wages.

Once you file your complaint with a civil court, you just need to wait until it schedules a hearing. While waiting for that time, begin gathering information and evidence to support your accusation against the offender. Here are some of the things you can use for your case:

  • Evidence to prove that the defendant was intentionally committing the violations.

  • Witnesses who would testify the wrongful acts that the offender has done against you.

  • Cases of other employees who have received the same discriminatory actions you have experienced.

Once you have collected these pieces of evidence, work with your lawyer and create a game plan for the trial. If you feel exhausted or confused on what you are going to do, just remember your main objective – to regain your civil rights and be able to face a new beginning as an employee.