Ditch That Note Book and Pencil

There are a lot of times where you find yourself needing to write something down, but you don’t have paper and a pen with you.  What you probably do have with you is your smart phone because most people are not without this. Mobile internet is now becoming really popular, especially with so many dongle deals available, getting online form anywhere has never been easier. If you prefer your smartphone however there are a number of note taking apps that you can use for these situations.  You should consider which apps are the best for this and whether or not they are going to work on your device.


There are a lot of people who love to use hash tags.  If you have ever wanted to use hashtags to organise your notes then you can with Fetchnotes.  When you take notes with this application you will be able to add a number of hash tags to the note.  You can then pull up the notes that relate to a single hash tag.  If you run out of battery with your smart phone then you can send all of your notes to another phone via text message.  The normal text rates will apply.  This application is compatible with Android and iOS phones.


When you think about note taking with an app then Evernote is probably the first app that comes to mind.  This is the most popular not taking application in use today.  The popularity comes from the compatibility of the application which is web, computer and all phone operating systems.  You can also sync all of your notes across the different platforms and devices.  This means that you can access all of your notes anywhere on any device.  Evernote allows you to take text notes and picture notes.  The picture notes can be shared via email and Facebook. 

Microsoft OneNote

If you are a major Microsoft fan the Microsoft OneNote is the right application for you.  When you use this application you will be able to view PowerPoint slides, Excel files and graphs on your phone.  You will also be able to edit files through the Office Web Apps on your phones browser.  There are a lot of functions that you get with Microsoft OneNote that you cannot get with any other application. 

All of your entries are synced from your phone to your SkyDrive account.  If you do not have a SkyDrive account then you should consider opening one.  You can get this application for free for iOS and Android platforms.  However, the free application limits you to 500 notes.  If you want to store more than 500 notes then you will need to purchase the application.  The unlimited version is actually very cheap and is available for a one-time payment.

Catch Notes

If you do not want to sign up for another service to take notes then you should look at Catch Notes.  With Catch Notes you are able to sign in using your Google or Facebook account.  Once you have signed in you can take text notes, picture notes and voice notes.  There is also the ability to set reminders on this application so that you never miss anything. 

To protect your entries you can set a 4 digit passcode.  This can be set for all or just the sensitive information.  It is also possible to create shared spaces on this application and sync all of the notes to all of the devices.  This application is compatible with iOS and Android phones. 

Spring Pad

Spring Pad is more than a simple note taking application.  This is also a bookmarking application.  You do not have to open a new account with this app as you can sign in with your Yahoo, Google, Twitter or Facebook account.  You can create folder or notebooks to organise your notes.  There is also the option of customising your folder through the use of colours, tags and categories.  If you want to secure your notes then there are a number of privacy options also available. 

There are many different notes that you can take with this application.  You can add products, recipes, movies and checklists to your notes.  You can also explore the shared notes in the Spring Pad community and leave comments on notes you find interesting.  This application is available on Android and iOS phones.


One of the most user friendly note taking apps is SomNote.  This application allows you to take multiple notes and place attachments on your notes.  The attachments could be documents or media files.  When you open an account with this application you will be given a set amount of free cloud storage.  If you are going to store more notes then this allowance you will need to look at the alternative storage options.

Once you have registered your account you can sync your notes with any device you have that has this app.  You can also save a number of the same note in case you make an incorrect alteration to the note.  You can also protect your notes with a 4 digit password.  This app is available on iOS and Android phones.


Any.Do is a reminder note taking application.  This application comes with an alarm reminder that notifies you when one of your notes states you need to do something.  If you are using an Android phone then you can pin your notes to the home screen of your phone.  The alarm with the application comes with a setting option of ringing once or recurring.  If you do not want to type your notes then you can also use the speak features which records your notes from dictation.

To organise your notes you can store them according to the date or you can create folders for them.  Once you have completed a task you can delete the notes that are associated with the task by shaking your phone.  This application is compatible with Android and iOS phones.

There are a number of note taking applications that you can use to make life a little bit easier.  You have to consider what you are going to do with the notes and whether you want to be able to take notes from dictation.