International Travel For Families

Why Costa Rica

When deciding on a family vacation with three kids all under the age of 12, one has to weight many factors.  Travel time is often the first one that pops up.  Unless you have patient, calm and resourceful children who can entertain themselves for long flights and multiple layovers, it may be wise to choose shorter options. 
Safety is always a factor.  While many places are exciting to visit, the logistics of traveling to foreign countries with small children presents some unique issues to deal with.  It can be done, but advance preparation and due diligence is the best approach.
Unless you are among the lucky few in this country who can travel without regard to cost, the price of any trip has to play a factor.  With that said, we are still fortunate that the US dollar still goes a long way in many countries, especially developing countries.
Throw in excitement, beach time and a plethora of outdoor activities along with ticking the above three issues and Costa Rica was the perfect fit for our family.  Just two short flights and a modest layover and we were there in a central america paradise.

Why Guanacaste

The northwest region of Costa Rica was the perfect destination.  The proximity to the Liberia airport made getting around less of a hassle.  The activites to choose from were amazing and perfect for adventure and allowed exploration of a new country.

The Beaches

This region of Costa Rica is replete with some of the best beaches in the country.  They all have their own unique flavor and appeal, but it is hard to make a wrong choice here.  Depending on what activities you are after, each beach is known for something special.  Just pick up any of the guide books and peruse through the descriptions of each.  The reality is that most are just a short drive from one another so it is easy to sample many in a single day.  Snorkeling, surfing, diving, swimming or just relaxing beach time - take your pick.

The Volcanoes

Costa Rica is home to several active volcanoes.  While this term has been applied and interpreted differently by many, it is still a site worth taking in on a trip to this wonderful Central American country.  Look for areas of hot springs along the way.  Some areas are best explored with a guide who can help you get the most out of your day.  A four wheel drive is always the best bet if you are doing it on your own.

Zip Lines

No trip would be complete without at least trying a zip line.  What a rush to be zipping along through the canopy floating through the air while surrounded by an amazing nature canopy.  Some courses are more challenging than others, so be sure to ask the guides which are appropriate for your children.


There are some pretty amazing golf courses throughout Costa Rica.  If this is your bag, you will love the settining and scenery of these challenging courses.  With so many other options, it was hard to spend too much time on the course with all of the beachs calling us to come and take a swim.


The usual options exist, but renting a home is probably the most incredible option around.  For less than you think, a beautiful vaction home with spectacular views and your own private infinity pool can be all yours.  Additional pampering is available with help for hire.  Having a private cook and maid can make your trip even more laid back and allow a unique look into Costa Rican cuisine.
We are already planning next years return trip with a completely different itinerary and activiites.
See you on the beach!