Why Take a Family Safari?

When you choose to visit Africa for a family safari, you are letting yourself in for a fun, educational and unforgettable holiday. The chance to see wildlife up close in its natural environments, to experience new cultures and share a magical adventure together doesn’t often come around in one trip, so grab the chance when you can. If you are considering booking a family safari in Africa, you’ll no doubt have a number of concerns and questions to ask. Your tour operator will be able to help you with these questions and will recommend the best places for you and your family dependent upon age, time of year, how long you wish to travel for and what kind of activities you want to take part in. Safaris can now be tailored to meet requirements of all individuals, and ensure every single person has the best safari experience possible.

Common FAQ’s

Below are some questions you’ll likely want to know the answers to before taking a family safari:

  • How old do my children need to be? It is recommended for children to be over 3 years old to take a safari but there are many restrictions for younger children in terms of game viewing and activities and some countries are more suitable than others. Talk to your tour operator for some advice.
  • Will my family be safe in Africa? Africa is as safe as any other travel destination. The safari locations are usually a long way from human habitation and with regards to the animals, your expert guide will be with you every step of the way to ensure you are never in any danger. Highly trained guides at the camps and lodges know how to handle any emergencies so you are always in good hands.
  • Do we need to have any vaccinations? Travellers to Africa should ensure they are vaccinated against Tetanus, Typhoid, Hepatitis A and Yellow Fever. Malaria is also a major concern with families and it is important that you consult your GP to take the suitable medication at least four weeks before you travel. There are many malaria free family safari regions in South Africa if you want to avoid it altogether.
  • Will my children like the food? Luxury safari camps and lodges serve an excellent range of food for families. The meals are prepared and cooked on site and really are delicious. They will also cater for specific dietary requirements but must be informed well in advance.
  • What do we need to pack? Everything that you would usually take on holiday, but ensure your clothing is casual, light and comfortable. Khaki and beige are suitable colours whilst military and camouflage should be avoided. As well as clothing, it is essential to take walking shoes, camera equipment, basic medical essentials, toiletries and binoculars. You will of course need to remember all of your travel documents and your family safari itinerary.
  • Will the kids get bored? Simple answer. No. Children can participate in all types of activities whilst on safari including craft activities, bush walks, game drives and cultural visits. Teenagers can participate in more activities including mountain biking, quad biking, horse riding and boating safaris.