Tips for traveling with your dog

Are you hankering for a good old-fashioned road trip but feel held back by Fido?  Don't fret packing up the pooch and hitting the open road isn't as difficult as you might think.  We have done the trip from Toronto, Ontario to Sarasota, Florida with our Portuguese waterdog...Twice.  The second time we did it with our 3 month old baby, now that was a leap of faith and it turned out great!

The first step is making a comfortable space for your furry family member to be comfortable for long stretches, speaking of stretches there should be enough space for your pup to do a downward dog stretch and turn a circle or two.  The best money you can spend for a trip with a dog is a seat protector to save your seats from spills, leaks and discarded fur.  We chose and would highly recommend the Kurgo Wanderer Hammock (see below for link) and it worked out so well we bought another for our second car. 

What makes the Hammock stand out is it goes from the headrests of the front seat to the headrests of the rear seats giving you dog additional space to relax.  Extra space for your dog while providing a significant amount of storage space behind the rear seats that your pup can't get to, great for storing a cooler with snacks for the humans in the car.

Taking a long road trip with your Dog when you travelCredit:

Here is a picture of our Portuguese Water Dog sitting in her hammock feeling like part of the family.  Note the cooler and child seat, there is velcro sealed openings that let the car seat anchors pass through.


The other key things to bring along are:

Food (we use a plastic cereal container)

Water (bring a bowl)

A dog bed or blankets

A couple of favorite toys

Instead of rawhide bring an antler to chew to keep down gooey mess

A leash

Poop bags

Towels incase they need to take a break and it's raining/snowing

If you have a high energy dog like we do finding some dog parks along the route is a smart move.  We plan an hour stop per day for her to get out for a run and meet some new friends, it's a nice break and the fresh air helps recharge the batteries for driving.

If you're staying over night there are several hotel chains that allow dogs but be careful some charge an additional fee.  Check online policies or better yet call ahead.  We had great luck at Drury Hotels along the I75.

Please comment and share your tips for travelling with your dog.

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