We all have that coffee cup. You know the one you have used since you were in your early teens. It's a old friend which greets you when we come back to your  parents home. There is no other better way to describe it.

I also have my old black leather boot which I have used since then. It's a bit more worn out then the other friend but has equal amounts of memory.

This experience over the years has led me to write tips on how to take care of your boots and  hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Crazy me ?

My friends consider me a tad bit melodramatic about all things in life. So to critic below is the meat on why I think it's so important to take care of your boots.  "Show me the  money !" this quote from the movie Jerry Maguire rounds it up pretty much what the below has to offer.

A typical leather knee-high boot will cost you around 500 bucks. Brands such as monkey boots and Justin boots specialise in such shoes. The high-end range will cost over 1,500 a pair.

This seems more of an investment than a casual purchase like a cute top of $35 at zara. Everyone wants value for the money they spend.  So if you buy something  which will be used for 10 to 15 years and will always be in style  is a good money investment.


3) Keep away from sunlight:

The first and very important step is to keep your leather boots away from  sunlight. Keeping your boots in the closest would be a far better idea then letting your boots in a well light room. leather has the characteristic of absorbing the sun rays which can dull the color and print of your leather boot.

The sun's rays and leave dark spots on the surface of leather.

2) Use Leather food:

To be honest I have never used this myself but my mother says its god for leather boots. The logic is leather essentially is skin.  Like all cells leather also needs food.

You can use the leather food stuff to make your boot’s integrity stronger. The name of one of the best leather food is the Chelsea leather food. This product is made of special oil for long lasting shine. You can buy this polish from any shoe or leather shoe selling online stores.

leather food


1) General cleaning:

This is star tip. It's as effective as its simple but its the most important hence I left  if last  for a better retention. I clean my monkey boots once a month. You can also generally wash your leather boots either with the help of water or with the help of different detergents.

Use leather cleaning detergents:

For best results use a product rather than just water to clean  your boots.
These soaps are prepared especially for different products. So, whether you are looking to clean your boot or sofa they will act fast and will remove all the stains and spots from the surface of the leather.

Use water for cleaning your leather boots:

You can also use water for the cleaning of your boots. Do this only when you find that the stain is fresh. I have had a good run when I tried it with my monkey boots. Remember, it reacts quickly with water and if you place your boots in front of sunlight or in the open air after cleaning them with water then the chances of damage gets higher. Water weakens the integrity of the material from inside.

Use brush and sprays:

You can also use some sprays and general brush to clean your  boot regularly. They are specially helpful for hard to clean places like  the creases in your shoes sole at the bottom and on the side.