1959 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight Convertible (30114)

Whether you're driving a classic 1959 Ninety Eight Convertible like this one, or any year Oldsmobile, you've got to do it a big favor and protect its floor with a set of good quality floor mats. Unlike when these beasts were new, you can get custom floor mats to FIT the older Olds! And they're sturdier and they last longer too!

These big boys were such a great ride, even though they were a lot to handle and to park! While this is not my classic ride, my grandfather had one like it ( in red ), and it was the best! Six people fit in there nicely, and look at the size of that trunk! I've seen several of these with the continental kit on the back, which makes it as long as a school bus I think!

If there was a down side during my cruising days, it was protecting the interior of these beautiful automobiles. Floor mats in the 50's, 60's, and even in the 70's were just plain bad. If you had any mats at all, they were one-size-fits-all rubber jobs that didn't cover or stay put. We were forced to custom cut our own carpet remnants and stuff them in. They looked pretty cool and were fairly comfy on the feet ( especially the shag stuff ), but once they got wet in the winter, they STAYED wet and soggy until Spring! For a better look, we cut the carpet into a one piece front and one piece rear, which were then a dog to get out and to clean and to dry out!

Today, there is a huge assortment of custom fit floor mats and liners that are designed just for your make, model, and year Oldsmobile. With sturdy ribs on the bottom, they don't move around on you, and bunch up under the pedals. They are available in a wide variety of colors and materials, and most can be personalized, for a little added identity!

The channeled rubber mats and liners are ideal for rough winter driving in the snow country, as they keep the wet separate from your shoes! They also keep any puddles or spills contained so your floor or your boots don't get soaked. The carpeted mats are also ribbed and edged to contain the moisture. They're also easy to remove and clean, pretty much with just a hose, and some soap, or by using your shop vac.

So if you're one of the lucky ones to be driving around in one of these classic Oldsmobiles, or if you've got a newer Ninety Eight, Eighty Eight, Cutlass, F85, Achieva, Bravada, Starfire, or 442, take a ride through the aftermarket web sites and get your floor protected up right. Pick out a solid set of car floor mats and make the inside look as cool as the outside!