Taking cooking lessons before was mostly instructional and quite serious in nature. But, now, there are more fun ways to learn how to cook. One of these is taking tours to places that come along with cooking lessons based on the type of cuisine they offer. So, if you are trying to learn some Italian cooking, there is a food tour that is perfectly suited for what you want. You can either take a tour in the general vicinity of Melbourne or go to the country itself where the food you want to learn to cook is based.

Cooking Italian in Mornington Peninsula

If you want to go on a cooking tour that just near Melbourne, then the Mornington Peninsula tour is the perfect one for you. Just an hour’s drive away from the city, the peninsula is great place to head to for a weekend of learning Italian cooking. It does not only offer vineyards, wine cellars, hand-crafted food and diaries, but also expansive golf courses, beaches, walks and day spas. It even provides lavish accommodations that are ideal not just for simply housing you for a few days and nights, but also for relaxation.

Before the cooking lesson with one of Melbourne’s best chefs is started, you and your group will go to market for the ingredients first. Once the class starts, you will be able to do hands-on learning of everything, from preparation to cooking to plating. But, aside from learning how to cook, there is going to be more of your Mornington Peninsula experience. You will be treated to food and wine tastings specially arranged for you as well as a dinner cooked by none other but the guest chef who also gave you your cooking lesson.

Learning Italian Cooking on Italy Holidays

But, if you want to learn cooking Italian right in the home of the cuisine itself, then there is a more extensive food tour for you and this is going on Italy holidays. This ten-day tour that will take you to the beautiful Chianti region of Tuscany features five cooking lessons to be headed not just by an accompanying guest chef from Melbourne, but also by some of the best local chefs of Chianti and Florence.

As with most tours, the cooking lessons will not take up most of your time in Italy. You will also get to taste the wines, cheeses and other gourmet products of Chianti. You will also go on a guided tour with your group to the historical castles and villas of the region as well as take in the sights of the countryside and visit some vineyards and wineries. You can even go and explore Florence, which is a great way for you to appreciate the traditions that come with the kind of food you love.