Use the Alanon Blueprint for Progress

Learn More About Yourself that You Thought Possible!

Your Alanon Fourth Step Inventory is the beginning of a deeper understanding of yourself and your life.  Taking it will help restore some peace and serenity to your life.

Most of us have done an inventory at some time in our lives.  We may have taken an inventory of the stock on hand at the business where we work; perhaps it was an inventory of the groceries on hand in our kitchen; or we may have been listing the inventory in our home at the time we are moving or completing an application for homeowner's insurance. When we reach the Fourth Step in Alanon, it is time for us to take a personal inventory of our own strengths and weaknesses. The Fourth Step suggests, in fact, that this inventory be searching and fearless. If you are a member of Alanon, an organization for the friends and relatives of alcoholics, you may be wondering why YOU should have to take an inventory about YOUR strengths and weaknesses. After all, you are absolutely certain that the real cause of your unhappiness is the alcoholic, not anything that you are doing! However, as you'll see, focusing exclusively on the alcoholic may be one of your weaknesses!

Take an Alanon Fourth Step


Members of Alanon are fortunate to have a booklet called "Blueprint for Progress" which is designed to make it easier for us to do our inventory. It is designed especially for Alanon members, and helps us focus on issues that most of us have in common. In fact, when I have helped newcomers to Alanon do their Fourth Step, I am often surprised by how similar our answers are, regardless whether they are men or women, young or old.


If you want to purchase your "Blueprint for Progress" online, you can use this direct link to Alanon books available on  You can also use the above link to purchase many other helpful Alanon books from the privacy of your home.  You'll also see an Amazon ad for the "Blueprint for Progress" at the end of this article.


What are some of the issues covered in Alanon's "Blueprint for Progress?" You will be encouraged to examine your ability to be honest, responsible, grateful, trust-worthy, mature, loving and a good communicator, among other things. Most Alanon members are comfortable with these issues. After all, you may feel that you have been the person holding your family together. In addition, you will be also discovering your attitudes about self-worth and intimacy. Often, Alanon members have low feelings of self-worth or self-esteem, so this is an area that is more difficult for them. Finally, you will explore the ways you handle anger, finances, resentments, guilt, shame and fear. Each of these topics will be discussed on several pages of the "Blueprint for Progress," along with a list of questions for each of us to consider.


Don't feel overwhelmed when you begin your Alanon Fourth Step. Remember that most Alanon members take several months to complete their Fourth Step. However, once you have completed it you will discover more about yourself than you ever thought possible. You will find that your sense of self-worth is enhanced. You will find that you have a lot of good character traits that you can be proud of. You may also find that you have some areas where you can improve. For example, you might come to realize that you have been unnecessarily burdened by feelings of guilt, shame and fear. You may also discover that your resentments are causing you to feel unhappy and angry. These realizations may help you recognize that you can shed yourself of some of those negative emotions and find a new sense of freedom, peace and serenity. I know that may seem unbelievable at first. However, this is what we are working towards. Remember that we strive for progress, not perfection!


The Alanon Fourth Step is a journey that will have a permanent affect on your life. You will learn so much about yourself that you will eventually come to cherish your "Blueprint for Progress, " and want to reexamine it from time to time. Good luck as you embark on this opportunity to experience unfettered self-examination!


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