The 12th Step Becomes an Important Part of Your Life

People of all ages reach out to each other through Alanon. It has helped millions of men and women cope with alcoholism and drug addiction in their families.

The Twelfth Step is the last part of the Alanon 12 Step program. You may not realize it, yet, but taking the Alanon steps has led you on a spiritual journey. Now that you have had this spiritual awakening and a new way of life, you are invited to share what you have learned by carrying the Alanon message to others and practicing the principles of the program in all your affairs. As a long-time member of Alanon, I take the Twelfth Step every time I write an articles on Al-anon or coping with alcoholism in your family.  This is how I spread the message to my readers. It is only one of many ways to carry the message, however. Over the years that I have been in this program I have seen the variety of ways in which members have been able to share the Alanon message with others.

Other people may ask you about Alanon


First, by the time you have reached the Twelfth Step of Alanon, you will find that it has become a fully integrated part of your life. Many of your friends will be members of the program. You will socialize with them, call them on the phone, and turn to them in times of crisis. In sharing your life with other members, you are carrying the message to them. Your life becomes the message.

Second, you will increasingly find opportunities to use what you have learned in your daily interactions with people who have never heard of the program. Alanon will help you deal with people in many different types of situations. You may be surprised at how often someone will disclose their personal problems to you, and you will find opportunities to introduce them to Al-anon. You will also inspire others to want to be part of the program, when you show that you are able to have a happy, satisfied life despite the chaos that has been caused by alcoholism. Alanon is considered a program of attraction, rather than promotion. In other words, you aren't expected to go out and try to talk other people into joining. Instead, you hope to live your life in such a way that, despite your problems, people realize you are leading a happy, well-balanced life. This will inspire some people to want to come to meetings with you or read the literature.

If they want to read something before joining you in a meeting, you can often get free literature at one of your meetings to give them.  If they want to see more, you can also give them this link to Alanon literature on  They have a complete selection of books available and many people will like the opportunity to order a book and read it in the privacy of their home.

From time to time, someone may ask you to take them to an Alanon meeting. This is another way that many Alanon members take the 12th Step. If there is not a conveniently located meeting in your community, you may also want to start a meeting. There are other reasons why you may want to start a new meeting. You may discover a need for a meeting that offers babysitting services for young mothers; perhaps you have a desire to start a Couples Alanon meeting to help strengthen relationships; there may be people you know who would be more comfortable sharing in a meeting that is for men or women, only. Whatever the need, you may be the person who can help get it started.

Finally, we are taking the Alanon 12th Step as we learn to practice the principles of the program in all our affairs. This means that you will make every effort to be honest, responsible, kind, thoughtful, reliable and calm in all the events of your daily life, from work to family reunions. Although there will be times when events will try your patience and test your serenity, you will find that using the Alanon principles will help keep you centered. Working the Twelfth Step simply means that you have found a way to live a life that brings joy and peace not only to yourself, but to those you encounter!

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