Talabecland is a Tier 3 zone in Warhammer Online. The zone type is Chaos - Empire. The Grand Duchy of Talabecland is a busy trade hub.

Most of the trading is done via the two rivers, Stir and Talabec, as well as within the many coaching inns. Travellers traverse the Great Forest Road through the north and south trading hub.

Commerce is not at the forefront in the Age of Reckoning however, Survival is now the priority.

Talabecland is at the center of the Empire and is usually filled with the hustle and bustle of trade but it is not its usual tranquil self in the Age of Reckoning.

Lying between Ostland and Reikland, Talabecland is in the middle of the Chaos Warhost invasion. Talabecland are not prepared well for this threat as the peasants have fled from the villages and towns up to the mountains so they can get shelter. The militia has had its numbers halved so the Northmen see Talabecland as a weakened opponent.

The days of prosperous trade and thriving towns seem all but a memory to the people of Talabecland. Now their lands play host to rival factions of the Ruinous Powers, and there is little hope the towns of the Talabec and the Stir will come out unscathed.

In preparation the army has ordered the destruction of the Talabec bridges in hopes to delay the steady southward progress of the Chaos forces long enough for reinforcements to arrive.

It seems that the outlook for victory for the people of the Empire is grim. They are desperate the army is ordered to break the passage from the north lands to the south by destroying bridges.

Ultimately if the force can be slowed, as it is unlikely to be defeated, then there will be time for the High Elves and Dwarfs to reinforce their outnumbered and tired armies.

But if the Chaos force wins then the capital Altdorf of Reikland will be easy to reach. This is one battle that Emperor can not lose.

Talabecland Quests:
A Bitter Salve
Boatload of Trouble
Crimson Waves of Grain
Hunchback's Pastime
No End of Greenskins

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