Wouldn't we all like to get the best night's sleep possible? In order to wake up refreshed and without aches and pains in the morning with a feeling that you can take on the day then you will need to find a mattress that offers support and offer you a night of well rested sleep. There are hundreds of mattresses on the market that all claim to deliver the sought after solid night of sleep. But, sadly, as I well know from testing so many of these mattresses, few seem to deliver on that claim. There are good ones to be sure, but they are usually the most expensive mattresses as well. Recently, I tried a different mattress than any I had previously experienced while on a business trip. It is called a talalay natural latex mattress and the talalay latex foam mattress is just the mattress you may be looking for.

There are many people who have never heard of a talalay latex mattress. This type of mattress is made of a natural rubber created from the sap of rubber trees. This natural rubber can now be found in both natural and synthetic latex blends with the same properties.

Talalay latex mattresses are a dense material that will last for years and years and it has the ability to mold to the shape of your body so you will get a full night of well rested sleep. The molding latex rubber actually helps support your body in a more natural position during sleep. For many people, the result is a better night's sleep and waking in the morning refreshed with less of the usual aches and pains. Rather than being just a solid block of latex rubber like some of the more popular and trendy mattresses, the talalay latex mattress has several different sized holes distributed across the surface of the mattress which keeps it comfortable and soft. The different sized holes are located in different areas which give the various parts of your body just the right amount of sport so it feels just like you are sleeping on memory foam.

My experience with talalay mattress was that the top part of the mattress actually feels more like a stiffer pillow top mattress than memory foam, but when you get up off of the bed, the latex only holds the shape of your body for a few seconds before filling back in to its normal shape. It is a very cushy bed with any amazing amount of support, yet not as stiff as some of the solid memory foam type of mattresses.

The talalay latex foam mattress is now gaining in popularity and they are being manufactured by the big, well known bed and mattress companies. Every company seems to have their version of a "natural latex rubber mattress" on the market. The latex mattress is made from both a synthetic and natural latex or just made from synthetic materials. The Dunlop production method is used for one type of mattress. This method whips the latex with air to make the foam and it is then baked. Many of the "natural" latex beds on the market are made using the Dunlop process and there are purists that will tell you this is not really natural latex.

If the Talalay method is used, the foam is first processed in a vacuum and then flash frozen producing the natural talalay latex mattress. The natural latex mattress that is made with the Talalay method is quite a bit more expensive than those made using the Dunlop production method. The talalay mattress is generally much softer than the Dunlop produced mattress but both mattresses are considered to be high quality mattresses. Either of these products will meet the expectations for those who prefer different types of mattresses.

Frankly, neither of these processes is completely natural and both generally use a blend of natural and synthetic latex rubber. But, having tried them both now I do prefer the talalay latex mattress over the Dunlap. However, both kinds are really very comfortable. In fact, I would not spend the extra money on the "true" talalay latex mattress unless you could honestly tell the difference and feel that the more expensive mattress would be worth the extra money to you.

Both of these latex mattresses are made of soft material, are very comfortable and offer good support so if you need to buy a mattress that offers more support for your back and your body, then this would be a good mattress to go with or at least take a look at. Latex mattresses are four times more breathable than standard mattresses so a natural latex mattress will help you remain cool and comfortable when you sleep. You can kind of thing of the talalay mattress like a sponge that breathes air in and out as you move around on the bed. Many people claim to fall asleep much quicker and wake more refreshed because the talalay latex mattress molds to your body shape just like a traditional memory foam mattress, but with greater overall comfort (it is much softer) and breathability which makes it cooler.

I am one of those people that could never quite embrace the memory foam mattress craze. I know that there are millions of people that swear by these mattresses and would never sleep on anything else. I have several family members that have them and love them. My sister loves the fact that her husband can get up in the night and never disturb her. But, every time I have slept on one of these mattresses I have felt hot and did not like the very stiff surface and ultimately slept poorly and gotten up with aches in my joints. With the talalay mattress this has never been an issue; it is cool, soft, and supportive all at the same time.

If and when you are ready to buy a new mattress, find a reputable company and ask them about their high quality latex mattress line, see if they will give you a 30 day trial with the mattress, and don't buy a mattress unless it comes with a 20 year or lifetime warranty. The talalay latex mattress, either type, should easily last 20 years and probably much longer. If they aren't willing to guarantee their mattress then they probably aren't selling you the high quality mattress you think you are buying.