If you are an aspiring actor/actress, never let anyone's bad opinion of your looks bring you down. First of all, there are a lot of people in Hollywood who are not considerably gorgeous. Secondly, we know a lot of powerful showbiz figures who made it big without having their faces or body changed under the magic of cosmetic surgery. So be natural and love yourself. If you have the talent and you know you have what it takes, maybe it is worth the risk.

Here are some of our unattractive actors and actresses whom we love and are now big stars. Most of them are ranked as one of the highest paid actors/actresses in Hollywood for the past years (randomly listed):

  1. Vince Vaughn- We all know how successful Vince is since the movie Swingers in 1996. But he's not much of a Baldwin ladies usually love to see in romantic movies. Maybe that is why he has never done romantic comedy films. Yet, he is very successful with his craft and can even choose which movie he wants to work on.
  2. Reese Witherspoon- Our Legally Blonde babe who is so witty, sweet, and pretty in her own right. She landed our spot because she can carry herself well and can rise above other actresses who are more attractive physically. To date, her income roused to 32 million this year according to Forbes' highest earning actresses list.
  3. Rob Schneider- As an actor, producer, and writer, Rob is pretty successful in showbiz industry. It is all because he knows what kind of roles that suits him best as an actor. Even if he is not a Brad Pitt women love to watch, they still love his movies because he knows his craft very well.
  4. Sarah Jessica Parker- one of the leading roles of our favorite movie series, Sex in the City is Sarah Jessica Parker. She's hot but she's not that pretty. But the thing is, she can carry herself well and that's what makes this actress sexy and gorgeous.
  5. Will Smith- he may be hot in Men in Black and Wild Wild West, but he is not attractive as Denzel Washington. And then again, he made it big time in the industry and his looks didn't matter.
  6. Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen- These identical twins are like money makers. Aside from the fact that their parents are rich, they both know well how to earn and invest for their acting career as well as a producer and entrepreneur. They can practically run the whole showbiz industry. And their looks doesn't play a role on these income, they use their connections and talent.
  7. Julia Stiles- smart and classic Julia Stiles may not be sexy or beautiful as other actress in Hollywood, but she knows how to get better with her craft. She has proven that physical beauty is in the mind, and that she can be invincible with her acting career if she wants to.
  8. Morgan Freeman- Morgan another actor who made it real big in the showbiz industry. Today, he is one of the respect icons in Hollywood films. His success is purely based on real talent.
  9. Sandra Bullock- Who doesn't love Sandra Bullock? She's funny, cute, and great with acting. She can do any role. She doesn't need to undergo cosmetic surgery to entertain us. Her confidence and vibrancy makes her attractive and lovable.
  10. Miley Cyrus- One of the controversial and hottest young superstars of Disney today and in the past years is Miley Cyrus also known as Hannah Montana. She is a singer and actress who is part of the top 20 richest young actors and actresses in Hollywood. She may be replaced by Nick Jonas or Selena Gomez, but her salary and fame rising as ever is worth more!

These actors and actresses prove that not all the time, entertainment requires pretty faces. It is more of the talent and how committed you are with the craft in order to succeed. Accordingly, you don't have to change your physical beauty; instead, it takes your strong perseverance and dedication to get in.