A TalkSwitch system was designed to be used specifically by small businesses. Small businesses have traditionally found it a challenge to get an office phone system that had just the features they needed for a small number of phone lines and extensions at a reasonable price. This is because the offerings from companies that build most of the business phone systems were mainly chopped down versions of their larger PBX systems. The TalkSwitch office phone system is built primarily for this small business niche. And the niche is actually quite large lending to the success of recent TalkSwitch systems.

These phone systems are very reliable, easy to use and very inexpensive when compared to the offerings from large phone system manufacturers. The easy, hassle free installation and high technological functionality of the Talkswitch VoIP Phone systems are primary selling points. And several of the latest phone systems can actually do a hybrid configuration with both traditional land lines and VOIP lines within the same phone system. For instance, if a small business had two traditional phone lines that they wished to keep, but wanted to add two more lines into an integrated system, a TalkSwitch office system could add two VOIP lines to the existing lines from the phone company for a fraction of the cost to add additional land lines. This is a great selling feature for the TalkSwitch telephones. Some of the common basic features of this type of telephone system are listed below. The one main variance in these phones is the number of lines that are embedded in the system.

The features of a TalkSwitch phone include:

* Auto configuration
* Call Waiting
* Access Key for Voicemail
* Lamp and Counter to let you know messages are waiting
* Support for Multilingual
* Distinctive Ring Support

The Auto configuration feature allows for quick installation of a small business phone system, but the systems also allow for custom central configuration as well as custom configuration at any of the handsets.

The current most popular TalkSwitch office phone system is the 240vs Series phone systems. Earlier models of phone systems had only mediocre sales but this latest system sells extremely well as a result of a concerted advertising push for phone systems to small businesses.

The TalkSwitch 240vs phone system has four extensions for analog and IP phones, two traditional phone lines and 12 extensions for IP phones. They are very inexpensive and will keep the user connected without interruption from any location. The 244vs phone systems have similar technical components to the 240vs systems only with 4 additional lines. The lines of the 248vs are increased to 8 lines but otherwise offers the same features and technology as the 240vs & 244vs phone systems.

After hearing about all the great details the TalkSwitch phone systems offer small business you will want to know how to locate TalkSwitch resellers who can give you the information you need in order to help you offer your existing phone system and voicemail system for sale to your own clients. In other words, you'll want to take a look at how one of these office phone systems would work for you and your business. In order to be able to take on such a task you will want to know the ins and outs of this process. For one thing most people think that all phone services offer the same services to all users.

This is a wrong assumption. Before introducing the email services of the TalkSwitch phones you will want to request audio samples along with all the other features these programs can offer. Audio samples will allow you to listen to the quality of messages your clients will be receiving and what they will hear. Additional features you will want to test out include caller ID, message retrievals and call times. If you keep these possibilities in mind you will be able to expand the services you can offer your clients while saving both of you money.

The Talkswitch IP PBX

Talkswitch IP PBX stands for Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange. Private Branch Exchange is the communication between phones that are managed by the local exchange or central office at a specific location. In order to manage communication between internal TalkSwitch telephone lines in the same company is where PBX comes in to play. The single TalkSwitch system telephone line comes into the location, or business on one single phone line and is then divided into the many individual or sub lines of the various departments and then are assigned extension numbers. The TalkSwitch PBX will not only connect the internal lines of a small business but will also connect them to public network telephone lines. This is the magic of the system really. You can maximize you phone line resources while minimizing the amount you have to pay to the phone company every month. This is actually some interesting and useful application of fairly cutting edge technology and the Talkswitch system does it all while making it seem simple and easy to install and implement.

Finally, if you are interested in call system reporting this can be added to any of the latest TalkSwitch systems. Call system reporting is one of the features the big call system companies had and the smaller systems like TS lacked until a few years ago. Reporting can done on virtually any aspect of your call logs from what phone numbers come in to which extensions to call time and elapsed call times, messages in the system and which extension they go with as well as many other parameters. And the reports can be customized with many different options for reporting and printing. This is an add-on product to the basic TS systems, but for virtually any small business it should be an automatic add. The phone is your main in and out channel to the world and a lifeline of your business. Knowing how that phone system is being used is just good business practice.

If you are looking for an inexpensive, reliable, easy to care for telephone system for your small business the TalkSwitch office phone system just may be what you are looking for. There are several other good phone systems for small businesses that warrant a look, but the Talkswitch system's rich feature set, ease of installation and configuration, and low price make it a great value.