How to Learn Korean Online

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Learning Korean isn’t as easy as other Asian languages. While it’s been increasing in popularity, it still doesn’t have the huge amount of textbooks and resources as Japanese and Chinese. It’s also a complex language to learn, with pronunciation more difficult than Japanese, and grammar infinitely more confusing than other East Asian languages.

While you can take expensive classes or even study abroad, nothing beats a good free resource for self study that's helpful and easy to understand. 

Luckily, there are some good free resources out there if you take the time to look for them. Probably the best FREE website for learning Korean is Talk to Me in Korean. The site is run by a group of native Korean volunteers and includes a variety of material and lessons. Some of them - including the founder - are former staff from Koreanclass101, another excellent site to use for learning Korean. While TMIK has some paid options, most of the relevant material is absolutely free of charge. I personally use them most for their Iyagi series, which is a purely Korean audio podcast meant for intermediate learners wanting listening practice.

That said, there are lessons for every level, and podcasts that fulfill needs for different learners. The website is very simple and easy to navigate. The lessons and different sections are very clearly laid out, and it’s not hard at all to find what you need. Not only do they have typical grammar and vocab lessons, but they also have more specialized and unique podcasts, such a their “How Do You Say This in Korean?” series, which goes over how to translate specific English phrases into Korean. They also have lessons for Korean commonly used in Korean dramas, at least one interview with a K-pop group, and a series for advanced learners that’s truly advanced, for those who want to really become fluent.

While most of the lessons are free, the site also has paid material such as ebooks. They also solicit donations for those who want to support the site and help continue keeping it free. Some of it seems useful - such as bilingual books - but some of the books are superfluous rehashing of what you can find on the site for free.

That said, that’s probably the only downside to what’s probably overall the best resource for learning Korean online. For both beginners and advanced learners, Talk to me in Korean is hard to beat. 

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