Sex is still a taboo subject in the 21st century.  With STIs such as Chalmydia and Gonorrhea becoming increasingly difficult to treat not to mention no cure for HIV, HSV, or HPV, one cannot afford to take the chance of having unsafe sex without talking about ways to protect each other.

Here are some suggestions:

Talk to your partner about condoms before getting hot and heavy.  It can be very difficult to have a intelligent conversation while one's hormones  are raging.  Talk to your partner about condoms over lunch or dinner or any other time sex is not on your mind.

Tell your partner why safe sex is important to you.  Put the burden on yourself so your partner's  ego is not as bruised...tell them that you want to be sure that they are safe because you haven't gotten checked out for STIs yet.  If your partner truly cares about you, then they will use them.

Try out different condoms.  Condoms come in so many different shapes, sizes, textures you'd have to try many before you find the right one(s) for you and your partner.  There are non-latex condoms of one is allergic to latex and there are female condoms if the male does not like to use condoms.

Always have a condom on you! You can keep them in your drawer, purse, or put one in your pocket before you head out.  You never know when you're going to get lucky! Having condoms on you all the time does not mean that you're just means you want to be safe while having fun!  Do not leave condoms in your car because the heat will damage the condom and make it more prone to breakage.

If there are no condoms around and you don't know for sure you or your partner has a STI, don't have sex! Cool off for a while and get some condoms.  You can make it a game to get back in the mood once you have them.

If you truly do not want to use condoms, mutual monogamy is key! STIs now have asymptomatic strains, meaning you cannot tell if someone has it! Once you've committed to mutual monogamy, go to the doctor or clinic together to get tested for STIs to be sure you both are in the clear.  Make it a bi-annual or annual thing as a couple. It's a good idea to get tested together so there is no question of altered paperwork.

Pregnancy is not the only thing to worry about if you're not having safe sex.  If untreated, STIs can sterilize you or kill you.  Talk to your partner about safe sex and getting tested and not only will you be safe, you will also tighten the bond between you and your partner.