If you have a large cat or multiple cats that are hard on furniture, then you may want to consider cat trees for large cats. 

These tall cat trees are built more robust that the typical put together yourself lightweight ones, and this one is 7 feet tall with a large 24 by 24 inch weighted base and built in the USA.  Even if your cat runs and jumps at this tree it is not going anywhere!

Cat Tree for Large Cats - Tall Cat TreesCredit: Amazon.com

Molly and Friends "Elevator" Extra-Large 7-Foot-Tall Premium Handmade Cat Tree with Sisal, Beige

If you happen to own a few cats, then having a more robust and larger one means there is more room for them to stretch, climb,  lounge (my 14 pound cat likes to lounge upside down on one level for hours, she knows the definition of relax mode!) and more.

It is good to give your cats an area that takes them off the floor.  By nature they like to be higher than the floor for predators and to manage their domain that they can see from one of the floors in this tall cat tree or condo as they tend to be called.

Otherwise your couch and curtains start to look good, and in no time they can be ruined by any cat large or small. 

The best place to erect one of these is where ever you spend a lot of time.  They are not likely to go off by themselves and hang around on it, as much as they don’t tend to socialize the same as a dog, they do like to be with you or at least know where you are!

If you watch TV in your living room, then that might be the best place for it.  I have one between the kitchen and the living room, as my cat likes to watch me working in the kitchen as well.

If your cats are larger, about 12 pounds and up, then you need something that can take their weight, and by having a weighted wide base, your cat can hang, scratch, pick and lounge without the fear of it falling over, even with multiple cats on at the same time.  This one is built very robust and has great reviews from many cat owners.

This will actually seem more entertaining than the TV, as your cats take turns as to who is in charge of this tall cat tree.

At 7 feet tall, and lots of room for them to snuggle into, it will be the perfect condo for your house full of cats.  If you have any other pets, such as dogs, then this would be a perfect way for your cats to stay in charge by watching the dogs go by, and if anything like my cat, give them the odd swipe with their paw, just to annoy them!

My cat used to hang out under the couch for fear of the dogs, and then pick away under there as well, so by getting a cat tree for larger cats, with a good solid base, this got her out from under the couch and moving and playing more.  She seems to feel safe snuggled up on one of the shelves and can watch her domain (which of course she thinks she owns!). This is a great idea for the multiple large cat owner.

Go Pet Club 72" Tall Beige Cat Tree Furniture
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(price as of Jun 20, 2013)