History of the Tama Drums:


Tama Drum Throne
Tama drum thrones just one of many product lines of the Japanese musical instrument company Hoshino Gakki.  Tama got it’s start in 1965 under the direction of Hoshino whose family name roughly translates to “star field.”  This inspired him to launch his first drum sets with the “Star Drums” brand at a lower cost in America to compete with the higher priced Ludwig and Rogers drum kits at the time.  Although Star Drums targeted armatures with their lower price points, professional drummers started noticing the high quality shells and hardware that Hoshino was putting out.  

Hoshino decided to take this opportunity to begin making professional level drum kits in the mid 1970s branding them under the name of his wife Tama.  Tama drums were one of the first companies to introduce heavy duty hardware and mounting hardware that did not penetrate the shell of their higher end drum kits.  Keeping the nostalgic “star” themed names, they went on to introduce a number of extremely popular kits and hardware.  


The quality of Tama drum thrones:


Tama drum hardware quality has always been something professional drummers admired from products with such a reasonable cost, but there is one particular business partnership that was believed to put Tama drum throne quality up into the high end range.  In 1977, Hoshino teamed up with DW Drums to purchase the soon to be bankrupt Camco Drum Company.  Camco was said to be producing some of the best drum hardware in the world, with the acquisition, DW would receive all of the inventory and machinery, but Tama would have rights to the original blueprints and engineering.  Hoshino used this knowledge to produce drum hardware like the tama drum throne that you can purchase to this day.  


Types of Tama drum thrones:


Round Seat - Round seat drum thrones are the classic “cake” shaped seat that many drummers use on a regular basis.  It offers sever inches of comfortable padding, height adjustments, and makes it easy to use your legs independently on any drum.  Models like the Tama HT30 are much cheaper than other upgraded models, but still provide a quality and comfortable place to play.  

Saddle Seat - An improvement on the original model, a saddle seat is shaped similar to an over sized bicycle seat.  With support for the crotch and upper legs, they are ergonomically designed to give both flexibility in playing style, but also protect your legs from fatigue or falling asleep.  Because they are much more comfortable, saddle drum thrones like the Roc-N-Soc Nitro Throne can be more expensive, sometimes costing over $150 dollars.  


Features of the best drum thrones:


The best drum thrones have a number of features that make them comfortable, usable, and portable.

Hydraulic Height Adjustment - Thrones like the Tama 1st Chair Ergo-Rider HYDRAULIX have hydraulic cylinders similar to office chairs that make them easy to change seat heights mid show.  Compared the the traditional model of screwing in and out, or using a clamp adjustment, the hydraulic system is much more convenient.

Quick Disconnect - Many drummers appreciate the thought that goes into the portability of the best drum thrones.  Many Tama drum thrones have quick release bolts that allow you to break it down into 2 or 3 collapsible pieces very easily.

Non-Skid - More research than you realize goes into the shape and material used to make the rubber feet on the bottom of drum thrones.  You want to be sure that when you are going wild behind the drum set that your throne isn’t going anywhere.  

Drum Throne Backrest - The most expensive drum thrones come with backrests to help you relax and keep proper posture while playing for hours on end.  You would not believe the difference a simple back rest can make until you’ve tried one out for yourself.