Tamarindo Costa Rica Weather - Things to Do

If you are visiting Costa Rica for the first time, you will have the pictures of beautiful sunny beaches in your mind. You obviously can't wait to peel off and let your hair down. That said, if you will be visiting one of the many beaches in the northern region of Costa Rica called Guanacaste, you will be one of the many tourist visiting Tamarindo. That said, what will the weather be like and what can you do at Tamarindo apart from getting sun burnt.

Tamarindo Costa Rica weather is hot. Let say that again, Tamarindo is hot but not in the sense of sexiness but in the sense that you will need the highest sun cream factor you can get your hands on. The temperature all year around is between 24 and 32 degrees.

That doesn't mean you will be living in the desert because of the constant heat. There is also a rainy season in Tamarindo. If you are visiting between the months of May and October, you will get some relief from the constant heat.

What is Tamarindo?

It is a beach resort with hotles, hostels and tourist attractions. There are many hotels in the Tamarindo area like the hotel Tamarindo Diria. It is also nearby the Playa Grande beach with is another tourist attraction. The leatherback turtle is one of the reasons why many tourist flock to the Tamarindo area. You need to visit during the dry season if you want to be able to sea the turtles. You need to come with enough time as it can be a waiting game.


Tamarindo Hotels Hostels and Resorts

When you book online, it can be difficult to determine what hotels are worth your money. A lot will depend on when you plan to travel and what you plan to do. There are those who want a budget holiday and will rather stay in cheap hostels. There are also those who prefer all inclusive holidays in Tamarindo Costa Rica. The list below is just to give you an idea of what prices to expect when you plan to visit. Often the best way to get value for you money is to book a few days in an hotel before you arrive. When you get to Tamarindo, you can look around for cheaper offers.

Tamarindo Yam $110
Hotel Domus Kahuna $80
Hotel Pueblo Dorado $105
Hotel Jardin Del Eden $144
RipJack Inn $95
Hotel Arco Iris $120

 Things to do in Tamarindo Costa Rica - Water Sports

If you like to spend most of your time at the beach, you can either learn to surf or
go snorkeling. That will give you a nice break from sun bathing. The prices are often affordable and you wouldn't have to worry about going over budget. As mentioned above, turtle watching is for those who have the patience and time in the evenings/nights to dedicate to those impressive creatures come and go.

Fishing is another option that will appeal to those who are not afraid of going on a boat for deep sea fishing. You have to go in a group as deep sea fishing can be rather expensive. Hiring a boat as a group will reduce the cost and increase the fun.

Horse riding in Tamarindo Costa Rica is another option for those who can't be bother to
go for a walk but will rather let an animal of burden do the work. You can also hire four wheelers and go on a fun tour. Tamarindo Costa Rica weather is great and will make your visit worth it. Once you have chosen the best time for your travel to this Central American country you will leave with a lot of special memories.


San Jose Costa Rica Weather - Hotels and Attractions

When you think about Costa Rica you think about lush natural parks and all the local attractions like the beautiful beaches and the good life you can lead in such a small but interesting country in Central America. Not many people will think about visiting the capital San Jose because it is in the central valley (no sunny beaches) and there isn't much happening there. For those planning their vacations and will be spending a few days in the capital, it is nice to know what the weather will be when you arrive. Like many weather forecast, you always tend to arrive when the prophets get things mixed up. How annoy when people say the weather was beautiful last week. It is a shame you were not here. San Jose Costa Rica weather forecast is pretty easy to predict.

December and March - You will get enough sunshine to keep you happy and get an even tan. It can be pretty windy in some part of the capital that are exposed. The San Jose area enjoys cooler evenings and will soothes those who don't like extreme heat or who can't afford to stay in an air-conditioned accommodation or hotel

April and November - This is the period where you get a lot of rain. The strange thing about San Jose Costa Rica weather is that you get sunshine in the mornings and around midday, you get what the locals somethings called "Aquacero" (heavy rain). At times, the lights will go out but will often be back after a few moments (minutes or hours).  All you need to bring along is an umbrella if you are planning your visit at this time of the year. November is the month with heavy rain and a lot of chaos on the roads.

Hotels and Attractions in San Jose Costa Rica.

The Airport is located within 30 minutes of the capital and most visitors will often spend the night in one of the many hotels around the capital and finally find their way towards the beaches of Manuel Antonio, Guanacaste and Limon. If you are coming during the winter months of snow and cold winds, you will like be visiting San Jose during December and January meaning the dry season. The temperature can be as high as 28  degrees during the day and at night a little cooler under 20 degrees. It is nice to bring a  little jacket for those cool evenings/nights.

Are there cheap hotels in San Jose?

There are international Hotels like the Holiday Inn very close to the international Airport. There also cabinas (travellers lodge) that can cost as little as $20 to $30. That said, if you don't know they country and you will be arriving at night, you will be better off staying at more expensive hotels with shuttle service.

What about attractions?

There are many tourists visiting Costa Rica every year and very

few actually visit San Jose. That is because there is very little to do and the center isn't that pretty and worth your time. That said, if you are stuck in the capital and you want to take a look around, you can visit the Plaza de la Justicia (see picture), National Theater and other little parks in the center of town. By the way, don't just wonder off into the middle of nowhere as that can be rather dangerous.

There are many shops and places to eat in the center. There is also the central market (mercado central). That is a rough part of town but if you are adventurous, you can take your chances. The main boulevard and the 2nd avenue are good for window shopping and spending some colones (local currency)

San Jose Costa Rica weather is often predictable with a temperature ranging from 15 degrees to 30.

There is no need to tell you that the country Costa Rica is worth visiting but the capital is not the best tourist attraction like you would expect in most major capitals.