Do you have a Disney-loving young girl at home nearing her birthday? Or are you looking for a great Halloween party theme for the youngsters in the neighborhood? A Tangled theme party makes a more than excellent choice. This Disney classic is full of magic and hair, lots and lots of both! You'll need the right Tangled party supplies to set the tone, so below is a checklist of your must-grab essentials, along with some great Tangled party ideas to spark your creativity.

A Tangled Theme Party: Add Some Magic To Your Child's Next Party

Rapunzel has been a favorite character from the Brothers Grimm folk tales for many a generation, and Disney brought her and her magical hair to an even higher level of popularity when they released the animated movie Tangled (starring Rapunzel) in 2010. It's been a children's classic ever since, one that's perfect for turning into a fun theme party for the kids in your life.

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Tangled Party Supplies: Your Essentials Checklist

Whether as a birthday or a Halloween party, a Tangled theme party can be an absolute blast for the young ones. All you need are the right Tangled party supplies to make it magic. Here are some of the musts - using these will definitely set the right atmosphere and give you a major jump-start on making the kids smile.Disneys Tangled Invitation - 8 Per Pkg.

Tangled invitations

What a treat for the young girls you are inviting to open up the mailbox to a card featuring Rapunzel! It helps set the Tangled theme early on, so all of your guests can get excited about the fun day that's in their future. If it's a birthday party, don't forget to pick up some matching thank you cards as well.

Tangled tableware

Disney's Tangled Party Kit for 8

Whether it's Tangled plates featuring Rapunzel or paper cups starring an assortment from the movie's animated cast, you'll want to spruce up your food table. It's where guests will spend a lot of time. Plus the tableware will be used throughout the day (and moved to other locations while socializing), so it will add to the theme in nearly every area that is being used for your party.

Tangled figurines to use as cake toppers

There are many Tangled figurines available, and most of them make for excellent cake toppers. You can set a fun scene for the birthday girl, and best of all, they can be played with for weeks to come! These, as well, make excellent party favors for the kids.

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Tangled balloons and swirl decorations 

It's all in the hair when it comes to Rapunzel, and balloons and (especially) swirl decorations have that elongated look that reminds everyone of those beautiful blond locks. Their height and length give your party space some much needed dimension - and of course they're really festive too!

Tangled wall stickers

Never forget your walls when decorating for a theme party. They're like your big movie screens in your space. You can make them into something special, especially with some Rapunzel wall stickers. Don't worry about your wallpaper or paint. These stickers are made to not harm your walls.

Tangled - Rapunzel Wig (Child)

A Rapunzel wig (or two)

What would a Tangled party be without lots of hair? At the minimum have a wig for the birthday girl, but you could get Rapunzel wigs as party favors for all of your young guests! There will be many great photo opportunities with these floating around your party.

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A Rapunzel costume for the birthday girl

A Tangled party is an excellent opportunity to dress up like a fairy princess. Having a beautiful Rapunzel dress for the guest of honor, especially paired with the wig, makes for a great treat. And it's an excellent Halloween party costume too!

Tangled party games

You'll want to pick up at least one or two party games featuring Rapunzel and her friends. This will help get the kids interactive with the theme and engaged with each other. Plus, you'll create some great photo moments that the parents will enjoy.

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Make the day memorable for the young ones by having some theme related items that they can take home with them! As mentioned, a Rapunzel wig is a lot of fun as a party favor, but you could also do Rapunzel tote bags, Tangled stickers, some of those Tangled figurines, toy jewelry, and much more. The tote bags also serve a practical purpose - they can hold all of the other party favors you come up with!

If you've covered these essential Tangled party supplies, you'll have a great foundation for a spectacular theme party. There are many more supply options that can work, too, so feel free to add some accent pieces and unique supplies to your event to make it your own. Your child will have an excellent time at your Tangled theme party, and, because of that, so will you!