Enjoy having barbeques this year? There is nothing like grilling on a nice summer day. Good fun with good people. The only problem is having to go and refill your propane tank. You have to unhook it from the grill and put it in your car to get filled or exchange it. The problem here is that tank being unsecured in your car or truck and rolling all around. This is certainly not a safe thing to do. I recently found something that will take away those problems. What I have found online is the Tank Nanny.

The Tank Nanny is a way to transport your propane tank with out it clanging and banging all over your cars interior. This is one of those so simple its genius solutions. We have all had to deal with bring a propane tank back and forth to be refilled or exchanged. We have tried to somehow secure it in the car. I've tried to wedge it in the trunk, tried to move the front seat of the car so it would press against the tank so it wouldn't move. All of this is a pain and quite frankly doesn't work.

Tank Nanny is simple and easy to use. First it is lightweight, weighing about 4 pounds. This allows it to be easily installed in a car by anyone. And when I say installation, I mean simply placing it on the seat of the car. You are able to use your seat belt to secure the Tank Nanny to the seat. You can also just place it on a flat surface in the back of your SUV or pickup truck to secure it. There are no screws bolts or anything else to set up the Tank Nanny, just use your safety belt.

The Tank Nanny is made of 80% recycled plastic, so it is environmentally friendly. Its dimension is 20 inches by 20 inches by 9 inches. Quite frankly it looks like a huge dog dish. It might look a dog dish, but it will allow you to safely transport propane gas tanks.

Tank Nanny is just limited to transporting a propane tank. You can use it to prevent the tank from getting knocked over next to your propane grill. On my grill there is a little wing nut I have to loosen in order to replace a tank. Over time, that has become rusted so I can't secure the tank under the grill. I'm now using a Tank Nanny there too to keep the tank safe and upright.

Tank Nanny also will help keep your car or truck clean. Since they are outside, they will get dirty and if you refill your tank, it starts to rust. Using the Tank Nanny will help prevent the tank from messing up your vehicle.

Tank Nanny is available online for under $20. This is a very economical way to safely transport your propane tank this year without it destroying the interior of your car. Order one now before your first BBQ this summer.