Using a tanning accelerator is very common for people with pale skin who want to achieve a tan quickly. Darker skin tone such as tans are increasing in popularity, but for the fair skinned it takes some time to achieve such a look. That's why people use tan accelerators to speed up the time to get a tan.

You can buy a tanning accelerator over the internet or at any tanning salon. Basically a tanning accelerator promotes more melanin production in your cells so that the pigment of your skin can achieve darkness much more quickly. People with naturally dark skin contain more melanin in their cells. The use of a tan accelerator basically mimics what occurs in nature.

Tanning accelerators lotions and pills are very popular among the tanning crowd. It's important to monitor your body for adverse effects to using such products. Remember you are affecting your body on a cellular level when using these products. It is possible to see skin irritation from the use of these products. You should seek the proper medical attention, when suffering from adverse effects of a tanning accelerator.

These accelerators have ingredients that act as amino acids and happen to increase the melanin in your cells. Too much use could have extreme adverse effects on your skin cells and cause great agitation and discomfort.

When sunbathing, whether using a tanning accelerator or not, you are still exposing yourself to ultraviolet light from the sun. Sunbathing can lead to damaged skin, which could lead to skin cancer. It's advisable to use sun tan lotion and wear appropriate clothing. Also, don't stay out in the sun too long.

Using a tanning accelerator will help you achieve a tan much faster if you are fair complexion. Whether you use the pill form or the lotion is really a personal preference. Make sure that you purchase and use a reputable brand. If you are unsure of the quality of the product that you are using, you should consult a professional tanning salon. Most tanning salons sell these tanning accelerators. The salon will have a lot of information as to their use. Remember with any artificial product such as tanning aids can pose risk to your health. In addition to the risk of using the tan accelerator, lying out in the sun poses some extreme risks to your personal health. Skin cancer or skin damage is no laughing matter.