Guys: Want To Get The Most Out Of Your Tan?

Discover what makes some tanning lotions better than others.

You've got a lot of choices when you shop for tanning lotion for men, and it seems like more and more products enter the market every day. And while a good variety means that you've got a better chance of finding the perfect one for you, it does mean that you'll have to sort through a bunch of inferior crap before you find "the one."

The bright side is that the market for men's tanning lotion doesn't even hold a candle to the women's lines. If there was ever a time you should be thankful you're not a female, this is it. You can't even browse the summer isle at any department store without being bombarded with lotion after lotion marketed straight to women. Ugh. But I digress. Let's get back to the point at hand.

What To Look For In Tanning Lotion For Men

Before you even consider buying a new bottle of tanning cream or lotion, turn the label around and see what's in it. Sometimes that's hard to do, considering how much effort these companies put into the image design. Manufacturers are supposed to list any ingredient that could cause an allergic reaction. Unlike food, they're not required to list every single chemical, but if something has been shown to cause any kind of reaction in even the smallest group of people, they are required to mention that their product contains it.

Which brings me to a related point: Know What You're Allergic To. Granted it's tough to tell sometimes. allergic reactions don't always mean the hard-core rashes or melting skin like you see in science fiction movies, sometimes it's as simple as an itch or even feeling a little under the weather later on. So if you've noticed anything odd about the way you feel after using any tanning lotion, jot down a few notes about what it contains, then try another kind - preferably one that doesn't have the same things in it.

The next thing to consider is the suggested usage amount. I'm amazed at how many different bottles say to use different amounts. Some say that a lighter coat will give great results, while others say that you need to slather it on to the point that you feel like a greased pig. Obviously, the more concentrated formulas will last longer, considering they all seem to come in similar sized bottles and packaging.

Finally, don't trust any reviews - trust yourself. Buy a couple different bottles and find out which ones you like best. People are slaves to brands, so don't fall for the hype; let the results do the talking. Besides, different products will yield different results for different people. Once you know that something isn't going to make you sick, try it out and see what happens. I'd recommend going through an entire bottle before trying the next one, as mixing and matching every time will make it hard to determine which one is actually working.

That's the best way to find the perfect tanning lotion for men.