Tanning Bed Pillows

What are tanning bed pillows?

If you go to the tanning salon frequently to maintain a healthy glow, you may notice that after extended sessions you begin to feel tension and pain in your neck and back. If this sounds familiar to you, you probably want to invest in a tanning bed pillow to help alleviate some of those symptoms. Many tanning salons offer tanning bed pillows to their customers, but many people do not feel comfortable using someone else's pillow. It is especially important that a tanning salon uses strict sanitation methods in an environment where sweat and body oils can seep into the fabric of a pillow by multiple people every day. The most sanitary pillows are made of hard acrylic with rubber feet that can be wipe clean with a disinfecting wipe before and after use.

Tanning bed pillows are made specifically to tolerate the intense UV rays on a constant basis. Additionally, they are generally more narrow that other travel or neck pillows so they fit better into the tanning bed. Whether you don't feel comfortable using a pillow other people have used, or if you have your own home tanning bed, there are a number of cheap tanning bed pillow solutions available, most for under $15.

Types of tanning bed pillows:

Like most tanning bed equipment, there are a number of options available depending on your budget, style, and material preferences. The three most common types of tanning bed pillows are:

Hard Acrylic - Many people complain that acrylic pillows are uncomfortable and awkward. With the popularity of tanning growing, however, companies are beginning to increase the number of styles and the design of these pillows to help support the neck more naturally. The benefit of an acrylic tanning bed pillow is that they are the easiest to clean and disinfect. Additionally they can be made clear as to not block any of the UV rays destined for your neck and shoulders.

Vinyl Pillow - Vinyl pillow received a lot of criticism in the past because the UV rays shorted the life span significantly. However, technology has advanced and this is no longer a common problem. Vinyl pillows generally have a dense foam center that provides sturdy neck support, and they are available in even more colors and styles to personalize your tanning bed pillow.

Fabric or Foam Pillow - Fabric and foam tanning bed pillows are definitely some of the more comfortable options, however many people find the absorption of even their own sweat and oils to be unappealing. Unlike home tanning beds, or acrylic and vinyl tanning bed pillows that can be sanitized with Lucasol Disinfectant, fabric pillows can't be cleaned as easily.

Memory Foam Pillows - Some specialty tanning bed pillows are beginning to use memory foam inside the vinyl cover to provide the most customized support available.

If you visit the tanning salon more than once or twice per week, you may find that purchasing a tanning bed pillow offers greater comfort and relaxation. The investment is minimal considering the tension that proper neck and head support can relieve.