Tanning Bed Sanitizer For Customers:

If you visit the tanning salon on a regular basis, you have certainly come across the body oils and sweat of someone who used the machine before you arrived.  It is a disgusting and repulsive feeling, but it can be remedied.  Although most higher end tanning beds use tanning bed sanitizer before and after each new guest, no one cares as much as you about making sure the tanning bed is clean and sanitary.  Also, even the most expensive tanning salons often miss places like the edges of the machine as well as the buttons.  To be sure you are completely safe, it never hurts to ask your salon representative for a wipe you can use, or to bring your own disinfectant with you to the salon.  

Tanning Bed Sanitizer For Owners:

If you are the owner of a tanning salon, nothing effects for your bottom line like getting new customers from word of mouth.  A much more sustainable approach to business growth is to be the best you can possibly be, rather than spend thousands on advertising.  Keeping your facility clean, your machines maintained, and your tanning beds sanitized thoroughly after each use is the best way to provide a positive experience for your customers.  In order to properly clean and disinfect your tanning beds you need to use a hospital grade germicide such as Lucasol disinfecting spray.  At the end of each day, you should also be using a non-ammonia based general de-greaser and cleaner more thoroughly clean each machine at night.  

Types Of Tanning Bed Sanitizers:

Lucasol Disinfectant - Lucasol is the industry standard tanning bed sanitizer and is used widely by tanning salons nationwide.  As a the leading sunbed disinfectant, it effectively kills staph, strep, viruses, bacteria, and fungi.  It does not require being rinsed after cleaning, and is safe on human skin after drying.

Barbicide Disinfectant - As a leading hospital grade disinfectant, Barbicide has no problem killing off all of the viruses, bacteria, and fungi that other brands disinfect.  Cleans thoroughly with a pleasant clean scent, and is also safe for human touch after drying.  

Whether you own your own tanning bed, own a tanning bed salon, or just want to make certain that your bed is clean and free from bacteria and mildew before you use it, there are a number of inexpensive ways to keep tanning healthily with very little cost.  Nothing should be substituted if your health is on the line, and hospital grade disinfectants are the best way keep your customers safe.