Getting a suntan is very easy and it can even be achieved for free, but it is very time consuming. There are so may people who want to have a bronze color. They feel that this makes them look more vital, healthier and younger looking and they will do whatever it takes to get this. But since the ultra violet light from the sun that works on the skin to make a golden brown complexion is free, some people go out in the sun as frequently as they can with out taking into consideration its safety. This usually results in them having overexposure to the sun, thus getting too much UV light. Excessive UV radiation affects the skin's elastic property by breaking down the collagen and elastin in the skin, which makes the skin age earlier.

In an answer to people's demand for wanting a suntan, but keeping the skin healthy and maintaining its firmness, tanning beds were developed. In using this equipment, there will be no need of spending hours under the sun, thus one avoids the possible skin damage that it may leave. It also makes tanning in the convenience of the user's home possible anytime and this time without utilizing the sun.

When looking for tanning beds for sale, there are lots of things to be carefully considered. Before deciding to purchase a unit, determine first the type and the feature of tanning equipment that are most important. Considering used tanning beds is good as they are cost effective, but the same selection process should be applied as when buying a brand new unit.

Most salons use the conventional long capsule shape horizontal units, which are lined with bulb tubes. The user has to climb into the tanning bed and lie inside it. This type of tanning device normally uses bulbs that generate both types of UV lights, the UVA and UVB, which can cause sunburn.

Today's tanning beds for residential use have undergone an number of improvements in order to meet the demands of the users. The results from using this conventional type of equipment is similar to having been exposed to the light of the real sun, but be careful as it very easy to suffer from sunburn if proper precautions are not observed. Like the sun, do not overexpose yourself to the light as it is not safe.

UVA or high pressure tanning machines utilize quartz lamps to apply pressure to the gases, which is higher than the range of pressure in the lamps used for commercial tanning beds. The advantage of high-pressure systems is that they can filter control the amount of UVB light. This will then minimize the possibility of getting sunburn. With the technological advancement, there are new models of high-pressure machines that can even filter UVA to make the tanning process a lot safer, which can be enjoyed for a longer period. UVA systems, however are a lot more expensive compared to the conventional tanning machines.

Another innovation to the tanning systems has been developed to better satisfy the users, it is the stand up tanning booth. For those who are looking for tanning beds for sale and are very concerned about personal hygiene and the cleanliness of using tanning equipment, this stand up tanning bed is the best option. Since it is positioned vertically, the only parts of the user's body that will touch the machine are the feet, so the user could even wear thin slippers. Horizontal tanning beds however require your body to be completely in contact with the bed, which makes some people hesitant to use it especially if there are a lot of people utilizing the equipment. Stand up booths also allow the person to rotate and expose parts of the body to the light and get a more even tan.

Used tanning beds for sale can be found in places like craigslist or other sites on the net. This may be the best place to find a great deal. You can also look for salons that want to get rid of their equipment. Sometimes they like to change out their old equipment for new models. The prices can be even less than half. Although the bed may not be appropriate for a salon, the home user is a different story as it is not the going to be used as frequently.

You may also find home tanning beds for sale. They will still give you a decent tan, but they are not as supercharged as the ones that are manufactured for salon use. You can still get a great tan regardless of which kind of bed you choose. Your body needs a certain amount of sun so that it can function at its best. The sun helps the body synthesize the vital vitamins it needs. So moderate use of a tanning bed not only gives you a great tan, it helps you become more healthy too.

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