Many people today are opting to buy a tanning canopy bed. They often think that the cost of going to tanning salons after many years will just be the same if they buy their own canopy tanning bed. These beds are considered second-rate tanning equipment, which is more inferior to the expensive looking and luxurious beds used in tanning salons and booths. More and more people are beginning to like the idea of having this kind of bed because of the space and money that they will be able to save.

The latest type of this bed is in the Sunquest canopy series, which has 10 body lamps. These lamps work exactly like the regular tanning lamps in salons. What these lamps do is that they produce UV rays, which promote melanin production and helps the body to produce vitamin D. The older version of this bed has only six lamps, but now it has been improved by adding 4 more lamps for a total of 10 lamps. What is so amazing about these tanning canopy beds is that they are very portable.

It has a feature that makes use of hinges that controls and works on gas shocks. The user can also adjust thetanning canopy bed according to their height and on the angles of the canopy so that they can have complete side to side bronzing coverage. To make it easier it can also be folded vertically and rolled away into your closet for easy storage. This is very helpful in homes that have no large spaces. You can use it and store it even if you only have a little space available in your home. They are so compact that they only take about 15 square feet when set up. This is just 1/3 of the space used even for the most compact tanning beds in different salons.

The price of this canopy bed in the Sunquest series is about $700 to $1,100. It also depends on the model and features of the bed. These beds are also available in three different sizes. They can be quiet expensive, but if you consider the fact that for many years you have been going to the salon to get tan and for the cost of travel and time in going to the salon, it will probably be about the same or even less.

Using these canopy beds is as simple as one, two, and three. Just plug it into a regular outlet and you are good to go. Put the tanning canopy up over you as you recline on the sofa or on your bed, or even sit in a lounge chair. Then simply set the timer to your desired tanning time and then you can relax and wait for the timer to go off. This is the most easy and convenient way to get an even and natural looking tan in your very home. This is the perfect solution for people who love tanning, but want to have it done in their own home. The tanning canopy could do the trick.

If you are committed to indoor tanning, but do not want full size home tanning beds, this tanning canopy is definitely right for you. They are less expensive and easier to operate and they can be used and stored even if you just have a little space. You can search online for different styles and models to buy tanning bed. Not all canopy beds look the same as the Wolff tanning beds. So choose a canopy bed that suits your room and your style. There are many designs available that you can choose from. Making a decision on what type of bed you choose will not be too difficult.

For some people, purchase a tanning bed isn't an option. That is why tanning salons are more popular than ever. A well-kept tanning salon is pure joy. First off, the convenience is second to none. You simply slip in and out and you are on your way. Also, space is a commodity and we often don't have any to spare it the home. The cheap membership prices make it quite a attractive proposition to consider. There is of course, a dark side (pun intended). Depending on the time of day it can be a chore just making it to the tanning salon, much less having enough time to get a tan. Also, that monthly membership can be quite expensive if you never actually go in to get a tan. We all get busy and we sometimes forget what ongoing memberships we have until our credit cards are charged. The worst of it is that unclean tanning beds are gross. People sweat in them and they can leave you exposed to just about any skin disease under the sun (pun intended). Once you weigh the pros and cons, a purchase of a tanning canopy may seem like a sensible decision.

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