Tanning lotions come in many varieties. There are some tanning lotions that are meant to keep skin protected from the sun and those that are there to bronze the skin, giving it a tan look. Because of the sheer variety and constant inventions of new types of tanning lotions, the competition is fierce. Most folks might associate tanning lotion with preventing skin cancer, but the lotions are not necessarily for the same purpose. There is such a variety of tanning lotions that it can be hard to pick a good tanning lotion, one that will help you achieve the summertime bronzed look yet protect your skin at the same time.

There are several different types of tanning lotions as well as different ways to apply it. Some tanning lotion is the traditional bottled lotions that you pour into your hand and rub on. However, as technology keeps advancing, so do the ways that people are able to apply tanning lotion. One of the most interesting tanning lotion applications is the mobile airbrush tanning. With the airbrush tanning lotion, it takes approximately 20 minutes to one half hour to apply the lotion. This is done by a professionally trained airbrush tanning specialist. It works by creating a chain reaction within the body because the chemical sprayed on during the tanning session reacts with the amino acids in the body producing a tanned appearance that then fades like a real tan. The upkeep on this is a little bit extensive with several other types of products used to exfoliate, moisturize, and lock in the tan. This type of tanning lotion does sound like a good way to get that great looking tan without the dangerous UV ray exposure and increased skin cancer risk.

Breaking down the tanning lotions into purpose is helpful in defining them. There are tanning lotions for three main purposes: building a tan, making a current tan darker, and moisturizing and protecting the skin. Tanning lotions used for building a tan stimulate melanin production. Melanin is the pigment in skin. Tanning lotions meant to build a tan will stimulate the melanin. This is used in people with fair skin or those trying to put a base tan on their skin without burning and causing skin damage. With these though you will eventually reach a tanning plateau, which is when you cannot tan anymore. The tanning lotions that make your current tan darker are specially chemically formulated. They penetrate the skin deeper than the foundation tanning lotion, mixing with amino acids and other minerals to create a darker tan. The difference is that this lotion has a tingling effect because of its stimulation of the skin's circulation. It goes deeper into the skin than the first type. You should use these lotions in order. The last tanning lotion is a moisturizer. Putting the moisture back into skin that has been sucked dry by the sun is very important. Not only is the skin thirsty for it, but the moisturizing tanning lotion will help your skin look healthy. It is important that you do not just jump in and start applying these lotions quickly attempting to achieve a faster result. They are meant to be stepped up according to your skin, just as though you were to suntan outside in time increments.

Always consult a professional before starting a tanning lotion regime. Although it seems like just a simple dump and rub lotion, these tanning lotions are specially designed for specific skin types, levels of melanin, and desired results.