Taper candles are some of the most common and inexpensive candles available, but don't let their commonality fool you into thinking that they are boring. They are in fact one of the most flexible home decorations out there, having the ability to go from playful to very sophisticated in the blink of an eye. Here you'll read more on these decorative candles, some great uses for them, and the normal prices you'll find them for in stores.

Taper Candles: Long Tall Lighting

While you may not know the name, you definitely know what a taper candle looks like. They are one of the most familiar types of candles out there, long in length with a width that literally tapers down in size until it ends at the wick. They are most often made with paraffin wax, but there are many beeswax taper candles on the market, as well as soy candle varieties (an increasingly popular choice). Taper candles come in many colors and fragrances which adds to their usability. 

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From Sophisticated To Fun

Taper candles have an amazing versatility as decor. On one side, these are extremely stylish looking candles, with a special kind of elegance. They have an eye-catching tallness, ranging between nine and twelve inches. The wide, non-wick end of the candles are often cut to fit into candle holders, as taper candles can't stand up on their own like tea light candles or pillar candles.

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Many taper candle holders can be just as sophisticated as the candles themselves. There's candelabras that pair many taper candles together on a base with multiple stems and individual holders that can be so intricate that they are works of art on their own. It all adds to the look of sophistication that taper candles can bring to your home decor.

On the other side, taper candles are impromptu home design fun. You can create unusual taper candle holders out of all sorts of things, like old wine bottles and unused vases. For all their sophistication, taper candles bring out a "get creative" streak in a lot of home decorators, especially because these candles are easy to find and very inexpensive compared to some other styles.

Ways To Use Taper Candles

As mentioned, these are seriously popular candles, and people have a lot of fun with their usage. Here are a few great opportunities:

Use them as table decorations for your more formal dinners

You've seen plenty of movies with taper candles centering a beautiful table setting, whether as beautiful Christmas table decorations or a romantic dinner for two. They add style any which way you go. When you use them near food, opt for odorless varieties, as you don't want the candle fragrances overwhelming your food.

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Create a taper candle wine bottle garden

There's something to be said for the country chic beauty of taper candle wax running down the side of an empty wine bottle, especially after a few taper candles have been used and multiple colors of wax have built up. It's got a shabby chic style that never disappoints.

Use a Halloween candelabra to create a spooky mood

Do you remember those old Dracula movies where spooky candelabras take center stage? You can do the same with some black taper candles in a spooky candelabra. It's a fun way to play up the night.

Use them as wedding candles

Taper candles can really dress up an occasion, and there are none more special than a wedding. These can make exceptional wedding decorations, especially because the prices are very affordable. You can use them all around your wedding and reception.

Taper Candle Prices

For all their sophistication, these candles are very inexpensive. An individual taper candle typically costs a dollar to a few dollars, depending on the wax used, the size, and the fragrance. You can buy many varieties of taper candles in bulk dropping the price down even further, sometimes to as little as fifty to seventy cents per basic candle when you buy cases of thirty-six, seventy-two, or more. 

With the the versatility of taper candles and the price being so right, it's hard not to have some stocked up for whatever the next fitting occasion may be. These are some excellent decorative candles that can come in handy in hundreds of different ways.