Four of Cups


Cups: Emotion

Four: Rest, Preparation


          In the four of cups, we see a man looking downwards on three cups before him, seemingly oblivious to the fourth one being offered.  He appears bored or indifferent in expression.  The fourth card in all of the suits is one of rest, preparation, or inaction.   This is a card of turning inwards, or even boredom or apathy.

            Within the Tarot cards the cups suit represents emotion.  The cups the man is being offered generally represent his experiences or emotional response to experiences.  The cloud offering the fourth cup strongly resembles the cloud in the Ace of Cups, which is a card of success and prosperity.  This could mean that the fourth possibility being offered will bring happiness and abundance.  The tree is he is resting against can symbolize how stable he feels in his current circumstances: he might feel too comfortable leaning against what he already has to seek out new options.  Just because he feels stable, however, does not mean that he is happy.  He is comfortable but also bored or apathetic, which is what we see in the downward cast of his gaze.  His crossed arms and legs can also signify how closed off he is towards accepting new opportunities.

Possible Meanings/Suggestions:
           As with all cards, the four of cups can be interpreted differently depending on the context of the question and any cards surrounding it in a tarot card spread.  Often it can signify focusing so much on what one already has that new opportunities are completely passed by. When this card shows itself, take it as a suggestion to look beyond yourself and your current circumstances.  Try to look upwards and really open yourself up to new ideas or options.  There is more surrounding you than you might believe.
            In reversal this card signifies an openness and enthusiasm towards new opportunities and the excitement that comes with it.  It shows movement towards new doors opening.  It is an indication that new things are being offered on the table.