Two of Wands

Wands: Passions, Career
Two: Unformed Force 


In the two of wands we see a cloaked man standing atop his fortress or castle with the world in one hand and a staff in the other, looking out over the countryside.  He appears safe and content, but overjoyed.



        Within the Tarot cards the wands show movement, passions, and career.  Here the wands stand on both sides of the man, indicating his achievement or success, but also surrounding him.  Everything in this card that depicts his success also binds him:  the wands flank him on both sides, the castle walls hold him in, and his rich clothing covers his entire body. Outside of the walls we see a lake and lush forest.  Water symbolizes emotion and the unknown; in this case it could mean that outside the safety of what you’ve already established are experiences that will bring real emotion.  (Whether this is good or bad is uncertain, although the waters appear calm.)  This is a card of accomplishment but perhaps not joy.  He does hold the world in his hand, but it is a small world.  He is a big fish in a small pond.  For some this card means that now that the joy was in the challenge of accomplishment; now that the goal has been achieved, the excitement is gone.

Possible Meanings/Suggestions:

As with all cards, the two of wands can be interpreted differently depending on the context of the question and any cards surrounding it in a tarot card spread.   As an indicator this card means accomplishment but boredom; there’s nothing exciting left about this particular challenge.  It might be in the best interest to move on to the next bigger, more challenging goal.  It means success and safety, but also a cage.  The man is well-appointed, but walled in.  This can signify that perhaps your current success is limiting you.  It might be best to break out of your safe fortress and see what else is out there to conquer.      

      In reversal this card indicates excitement, uncertainty, and the willingness to go explore.  It is a card that says movement is being made and it could be the right decision.