The Chariot

Glory and achievement are what the Chariot arcana is all about. This individual exists to prove superior responsibility in every action. There is only a sole reason for him to work his body and that is to achieve success while in his prime. He has the qualities of a true leader and certainly gains the trust of his companions very easily. He never flinched in performing movements and when an error has occurred, he stops and thinks first. His great morale arises from his belief of freedom in achieving one’s ambitions.

 The Chariot is represented by a king riding a chariot carried by two differently coloured creatures. With his leadership skills, this individual is able to command diverging classes of beings. From being graced with an exemplary talent of uniting and harmonizing constituents, the Chariot is able to achieve anything in due time. His ability makes him a high-ranking species of his kind. He is like the missing link of anything unconnected.

Such attributes of the Chariot pose him even far off with these qualities:

  1. Triumphant symbol – As the representative of his companions, he represents their pride and freedom. The harmony brought by the talent of the Chariot is an outstanding outcome. This makes the individual a hero out of his ventures towards success. The endless struggle of the Chariot to prove something in his life by achieving his ambition is yet a magnificent way to represent the end in regards to the means.
  2. Conquest – The journey of the Chariot to success is a part of this vital structure of his life. In order to prove dominance and control over his rule, he establishes organizational themes for proper delivery of plans and actions.
  3. Self-assertiveness – The responsibility to lead his companions to achievement takes place after showing a slight amount of aggression in his companions. The decisions are made as a group but the Chariot has the last verdict. In order for his comrades to follow and get along with him, he throws down his hesitations and faces the music with great assertion.
  4. Jurisdiction – The Chariot knows his own limits and he knows when to stop and plan again. Unlike some careless ruler, this individual knows when to quit, but for only a short time. He will create a new movement wherein it will counter the present obstacle stopping him from achieving his goals.
  5. Command – There is a presence of chain actions when the Chariot is present in a group. He is able to delegate tasks and responsibilities to his companions. He knows the strengths and weaknesses of each. Hence, the Chariot’s group is always at its finest when performing activities and deciding immediate plans.

The Chariot portrays a magnificent combination of action and thinking. His capacity to decide and rule over his companions not only created an opportunity to prove his self to them but also provided a chance for him to support harmony and peace in his relationships. No matter what kind of obstacle the Chariot faces, he knows deep inside that his strong bonds are the key to achieving victory.