The being that represents the value of absolute halt, the Death represents the ominous. On the outside, one might say that he is a man of sinister acts. But as the journey with him comes through, the true value of his existence is yet to be discovered.

No matter what state of life this being has, the Death reaches his ambition of providing suitable time for one to rest and ponder. It may be a certain conclusion to a journey, but it does not mean a new one will not start again. Death not only portrays a finished action of a burdened path but also it exhibits a measure for creating new experiences, a property of resurrection. Its association with the becomingness of doom rises up from the belief of other people who thinks death is evil. There is no such thing as immense evil. All things in the world are balanced. Renewal follows ruin; resurgence follows defeat. The Death is a mark of change, a man of constant evolution. He represents the larval stage of all primary beings who visualize change.

The presence of the Death in a group does not result to ill happenings. In fact, he serves as the main reason for great progress. Without the Death, there will be only stagnation. He is the character needed by almost all of us to develop and grow to mature and experienced people. The Death does not come only once, it may take many instances for a single change to occur.death tarot major arcanaCredit: jules

One must then remember that disaster and calamity does not go always with the Death. His traits are too complex for a single being to understand. Due to this, he has the attributes to start the provocation of a revolution in a path to success:

  1. Metamorphosis – The moment the Death appears, deep change surely will follow. The way the Death shows his hidden compassion and at the same time, evoked bereavement for his actions is indescribable. There are a lot of concealed measures for him to show and invoke progress to a company but one may realize it already when they are an inch away from their point of achievement.
  2. Rejuvenation – Everything that the Death encompasses will create a chance for regeneration. Destruction is just the first phase of any action, with or without Death’s notice. After so, gradual persistence of change follows and the potential for doubling resilience of the Death’s comrades will go after.
  3. Succession – The timing of the Death’s appearance is already part of the fated cycle of change. The downfall and rise of this being is significant because it makes his companions experience fruitful success after a catastrophe. Nothing beats the feeling of an individual changing for the best and that is what Death’s existence for.