The EmperorCredit:

The Emperor arcana is the embodiment of leadership and triumph. Nothing in this world will be able to fully grasp the capacity of the qualities of the Emperor. Striking without a second thought and moving on without the hint of a doubt is the almighty quality of this person. He locks on a goal and grants himself the power to pursue that even it delivers drastic liabilities upon him.

The quality of this personality is that it never shows discouragement in any face of danger or trouble. It always aims for the attack and never thinking back until he succeeds in seeing the results with his own eyes. The Emperor seeks action and control of any situation and unlike any other individuals, his true essence of leadership is the way one extracts bravery even at the peak of cowardice. An action-seeking behaviour of this individual prompts him to act before thinking. Thus, there are many chances that he might be already doing something wrong without him realizing it. It may seem that he is trying hard to achieve something but nonetheless, the spirit of courage reigns supreme in his ego.

The significant attributes of the Emperor is clear in his very own actions:

  1. Control – The desire to lead a group is the Emperor’s best way to show his influence to others. By acting solely is a magnificent manner for him to already expose his noble character to face any challenges the group may encounter. Aside from controlling the situation, the Emperor also targets to rule his surroundings. His manipulation of the environment may put his bland actions in a higher degree of advantage.
  2. Desire – Like a tyrannical ruler, the Emperor shows no compassion. He rules with an iron fist to direct and manipulate any situation or persona revolving his territory. Any insignificant relationships are useless. He uses his manipulative abilities to increase his influence and thus producing the same results as that of an individual with many interpersonal connections.3
  3. Disruption – With a sturdy wall to be influenced by others, the Emperor shows no weakness to his companions. Even when he realizes that the situation is no longer under his control already, he still keeps on acting on like a rowdy fool – actions without thought. The disorder produced by his rule is definitely will be the cause of his approaching downfall.

The personality of the Emperor is definitely matched by his element, lightning. Both of them strike anywhere without any second thought. No outside influences can alter his decision and like a lightning bolt, it can be the cause of his goals’ destruction. One should remember that the force the Emperor carries is highly disruptive and thus, it should be controlled before he reached his own downfall.