The Empress

The motherly instincts exist in the way how one interacts with others. The Empress arcana represents the persona of an individual promoting harmony and peace among her established relationships. In order to meet the ideal mother figure, the Empress provides a similar healing aura as that of the Priestess. Though unlike the latter, the Empress is not afraid to use loud and troubling measures.

The Empress is a nursing person. In life, there is grandiosity and that is what the Empress is all about. With the ideals strongly acting as her foundations for glory, the Empress never forgets about the nurturing way she treats others. She believes that in order to celebrate a brilliant future in life’s tomorrow, she needs to discover how important it is to create magnificent connections with other people.

 The attributes of the Empress create a foreboding yet beneficial features in her presence:

  1. Prosperity – The celebratory attitude of the Empress makes her an important aspect of every situation’s success. With the ideals backing every decision she makes, one can expect a grandiose solution to any challenges prompted to her.
  2. Vision – The Empress never backs down. She always makes certain that her plans are as detailed as possible to produce that ideal achievement.
  3. Sexuality – This quality of the Empress puts her in a status of nobility. Her motherly figure will shine in every aspect as long as she carries around that undying presence. Sometimes, the actions she performs will be quite influential to masculine people. 
  4. Wealth – This is the augmenting part of the Empress’ ideals. The result of her caring attitude will definitely lead to a flourishing relationship with different people. This is definitely a promising quality of the Empress since she earned a lot of experiences to conjure such feature.
  5. Fecundity – Results is definitely everything for the Empress. Her noble status and supportive atmosphere definitely will be on a major upset if she will not be able to produce the expected outcomes in her plans. The measures she performed in order to invoke the necessary outputs may reach out to different criteria.
  6. Consolation – After reaching a desired produce, the Empress will show here gratitude to the people who backed her up in those dire situations. She shows indefinite compassion and a caring flow that one may think of her as a mother. This doesn’t mean that the Empress aims for materiality on caring. It only serves a rewarding situation for those people she truly cares for.

This arcana is often associated with the ice element. Like a glacier, the Empress emanates a cold attitude but it is accompanied by the capacity to absorb heat from any situations. The Empress does present a lot of noble qualities. The power she carries along with that ideal mother figure is a key to achieve the calm she longs for. She will take any opportunities presented to her as long as that ideal setting is maintained. To succeed by any means is her prime element indeed.