Life is represented by a revolving wheel – sometimes one is at the top while the others are at the bottom, but when it comes around, what goes up will definitely go down. The Fortune arcana is a being of becomingness. In order to decide what is right for him, he should be able to take risks and face up to any challenges with pure courage and grand moral.

The Fortune arcana is often portrayed by a wheel carrying different creatures wearing both rich and beggarly clothes, from top to bottom. This person encourages himself that he shall trace his fate through the wheel’s decision. Commonly associated with mythical figures of Fate and Time, notably the Sisters of Norn, the Fortune faces always a branch of extensive trials that one might say put this man in a very unlucky state. It is indeed part of his fate to be unlucky. But as he strives on his ambition, time will pass along the thread of life and once he succeeds, he will be able to taste the fruits of effort and glory. His life will turn in an outstanding point that his fortune will really be evident. His responsible outlook will be not put in vain. The divine will award him with the greatest riches of his dreams and ambitions.

 His qualities define his personality with the eccentric adoration of both good chances and oddwheel of fortune tarot major arcanaCredit: jules peculiarities:

  1. Destiny – Half of its representation, the Fortune leads life with his becomingness. He does not know what his actions will hold for his future. In order to create that desired tomorrow, he should be able to give an equal amount of action. This individual will not stand for passiveness and instead, he will do everything in a state of movement so that once he perceived the necessary decision, he shall be able to do it at the same time.
  2. Variation – Indeed, he is like a wheel. There are many chances for turnover and reversals. In order to keep up that place in the wheel, the Fortune takes the time to make every action as slow as possible. This explains why he must put up enough time to taste the fruits of his victory, since the time of yet another misery may come. The rewards of his actions define what standards of his next trouble may come. The variability of his fate is generally derived from his own self, with or without him knowing it.
  3. Luck – The greatest chance to overcome life’s challenges is to look for the right opening. With luck at his side, the Fortune can do so. The wheel will continue to roll down the hill of fate and he should be able to set the pace. Understanding his situation and then providing the most right action is nothing but a helpful hint for the Fortune by the divine.
  4. Opportunities – Create an opening if there is none. This is the sole concept of the Fortune in finding the right way of opposing unfaithful outcomes of his actions. Using his talents and wide connections after experiencing the life he desired, he would be able to create a brand new outlook. Rigging the wheel of destiny is another step of formulating a plan to slow down or hasten his fate and time to reach that brand new journey, like a changing breeze.